Long time no blog!!! Before school started I was so optimistic about being able to balance my school life, social life and blogging…but alas that was just wishful thinking and blogging just sadly went to the back burner.

I know NYFW was a few weeks ago but I never got to do my roundup and share my experience with you guys!! Even though I only got to see one show, I still want to show you guys because it was AMAZING!

Day 1: 

I have a funny story about my Day 1 outfit. I was supposed to see the Vaishali S show at 3pm that day and prior to the show, I had plans to do some sightseeing with my dad (who was in New York on a business trip). Obviously, sightseeing included a lot of walking and potentially a lot of crowds so I had put on a rather simple outfit with very comfortable shoes to walk around that morning. I packed my other outfit and shoes in my bag so that I could head straight to the venue and change into my planned outfit (OR SO I THOUGHT). When I went to change, I realized in a slight panic that I had only brought my shoes with me and I had left my outfit at the hotel. I had to make the outfit work on the spot because it was 15 minutes until the show and I didn’t have time go to back to the hotel. So, that is why I ended up with this outfit…which now looking back at it, I really love. It’s not super extravagant but it still looks chic.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

The best part about this outfit is that it is super budget friendly! These pants are from Zara and they’re my new favourite bottoms because they’re soooo comfortable and you can really dress them either up or down. They come is a few different colours and honestly, I wanted to buy them all but I decided to go for black because it’s just so versatile.  I love that they’re high waisted because I think high waisted pants look super flattering with my body shape. I paired it with a Forever21 cropped cami that was literally $9 dollars but it was such a pop of colour and really contrasted with the edge that the black bottoms brought. Also, I forgot to mention that the sunglasses I’m wearing were $5 from a street vendor in SOHO! SUCH A STEAL!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

Long story short, even though the outfit wasn’t my first choice, I still made it work and this entire look was under $100 which is such a steal!

Okay, enough blabbing about my outfit…lets talk about the show!


So…I’ve never been to a fashion show before and I felt like a girl in a candy store because the whole environment was just so amazingly overwhelming. Everyone there was dressed up, there were what seemed like millions of cameras at the end of the runway and the moment the lights turned on and the music started, I honestly felt like I was living young Sindy’s dream.

The Vaishali S line was absolutely stunning and I was amazed by the details she put into her pieces. The material she used for her pieces were very flowy and lightweight. All her looks were soft and elegant and every model that walked down the runway seemed to glide down it. I took so many pictures while I was there but shortly after realized that my pictures can’t compete with the professional photographers at the end of the runway so I’ve shared a few of my favourite looks with you guys courtesy of Fashionweekonline.com.


Vaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First Stage

Head to the article linked above to see more looks!!! Which dress is your favourite??

I’ll be posting Day 2 tomorrow so stay tuned!



Sindy Spencer


Hi loves!! I thought I’d start off with a little life update first because I’ve been so incredibly busy these past two weeks – with travelling back home and getting ready to head back to school! However, today I wanted to update you guys on how my summer has been WITHOUT coffee!

If you haven’t read my first post on how I stopped drinking coffee in the first place, take some time to read that first!! I talk about my coffee journey, how dependent I was on having coffee every single day and eventually the switch I made to stop drinking coffee.

Although I haven’t had coffee in two months, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had any caffeine- that would be a lot more difficult. That would be considered a true detox!! If anyone has ever made the switch to no caffeine at all, please let me know how it went! I’ve been drinking green tea every single day in the morning after breakfast (don’t drink tea on an empty stomach, you will feel very very sick) and it gives me enough of a kick to start my day. I’ll occasionally have some tea in the afternoon as well if I feel like I need a little pick me up.

I’ve been drinking green tea every single day in the morning after breakfast (don’t drink tea on an empty stomach, you will feel very very sick) and it gives me enough of a kick to start my day. I’ll occasionally have some tea in the afternoon as well if I feel like I need a little pick me up.

I have to be honest though, it doesn’t matter if it’s coffee or tea – I still occasionally get a little headache if I don’t have tea at all in the morning. It’s situational so I can’t say for sure that I get a headache everytime I don’t have tea but it has happened for sure. Let me tell you guys though, for everyone that has suffered from the AWFUL no coffee headache, this headache is ten times milder and definitely tolerable.

With school starting soon, I’ve been asking myself whether I’ll eventually give in and have a cup of coffee. The honest answer is…probably yes BUT in very small doses. I can’t be having multiple cups a day, then all this hard work would have been for nothing!! I’ll stick strictly to tea until midterms hit and my body can no longer stay away from coffee.

A final thought on this whole thing is that having either coffee or tea especially in the morning is perhaps more routine than a need per say. I can’t say whether this is true or wrong but to be sometimes, it’s pure habit to have a cup of something when I first wake up.

Thanks for reading everyone!!! When school gets rolling again, I’ll update you all on whether I caved or not (fingers crossed I don’t).



ps. I walked into a Starbucks the other day and the smell of coffee made me so nostalgic – I swear just smelling coffee made me more alert and awake


I get home, take off my shoes, go straight into my room and change out of my “outdoor clothes” RIGHT AWAY. I come out with a baggy t-shirt and shorts. I’m not even talking about lounge wear…I’m straight up wearing my PJs.

I used to think that this is what everyone does when they got home but I came to realise that some people stay in their normal clothes for hours after they get home…or even until bedtime!

That’s when I realised that we all have different living habits and daily habits we’ve sub consciously inherited from our parents unknowingly after living with them for such a long period of time. So, I’ve decided to share a few of mine with you guys!

Changing as soon as I get home. My parents have always changed right when they got home, especially my Dad who is a very very clean person and likes to keep work clothes clean and unwrinkled. I have friends who can stay in their jeans until they have to go to sleep but if it were me…I’d be peeling off those pants the minute I walk in the door.

I never put my backpack/bag on the bed. My Mom was always very strict about keeping bags off the bed. I used to come home and sling my backpack onto my bed and get yelled at because she would tell me that I’m putting all the dirt from outside onto my sheets and that I would have to sleep there later. I used to roll my eyes at her dumb rule but now even though I live away from home most of the time, I find myself always keeping bags off the bed. I once accidentally placed my purse on my bed and instantaneously felt grossed out by the fact that I would have to sleep there later…guess habits really grow on you.

No shoes in the house. I never really thought that anyone wore shoes in their homes until I got older and realized that it’s quite common for some households! My good friend Phil who’s originally from New York actually told me that it’s super common among some families to not take their shoes off and it blew my mind. It was like having something that you’ve believed to be a set rule for your whole life suddenly change. I really want to hear all your thought on this habit in particular because I am so curious!! I’m definitely not saying there’s a superior option here but I want to know! Did you guys have a no shoe policy at home? Did you know someone who didn’t?

Coffee. The addiction had to have originated from somewhere right? My family used to sit together and drink coffee together all the time and over time it just became a habit and a routine. When we all woke up, my Mom would brew up a massive pot of black coffee and she’d always claim that she couldn’t function without any coffee. Over time, that became my mantra too! ALTHOUGH GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, if you haven’t read my post on how I quit drinking coffee , be sure to go check it out! Old habits do die hard but it’s not impossible.

I rarely remember to use the dishwasher. Growing up, we didn’t really use the dishwasher a whole lot. It was always just quicker to throw the dishes in the sink and have everything be quickly washed, dried and put away. Now, while I do like to use the dishwasher…because I’m lazy and hate dishes, sometimes I find myself mindlessly handwashing all my dishes!

That’s it for today but please I want to hear your thoughts! Do you have have any habits or weird things you got from your parents that are different? I also really want to hear about the shoes policy so leave your thoughts below!

Sindy Spencer




I’ve always been a fan of colourful running shoes. I’m not as adventurous with everyday shoes but when it comes to exercise, I like to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. Usually, the idea of going to the gym… or exercise, in general,  is daunting enough so I like to convince myself that cute workout gear will make me feel better. In this case, it’s the shoes. I’m not as fun in regards to actual workout clothes mainly because I’m too lazy to go and buy cute shirts- usually a white tee or an old t-shirt will do. So, the shoes make up for my lack of creativity upstairs.


This might sound incredibly bizarre but when I have a pair of neon runners on, I feel like my feet can walk or run anywhere…no joke. It also helps that these shoes, in particular, are SO COMFORTABLE! I used to have a pair of neon pink Nikes that fit just like these Pumas, but those pink shoes have seen better days…I really over-wore those.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I have very picky feet. There are a very limited number of shoes out there that don’t give me blisters. Even comfortable running shoes can give me blisters if the back is too hard. The shoes that others can wear forever would probably give me blisters within the hour. This curse has left me very wary of shoes- which is probably why I’m never super eager to buy shoes…so why bother right. However, my my my these shoes are God’s gift to my feet. The soft shell really feels like I’m wearing nothing and the bottom has great cushioning for walking or running.


I’ve also been doing a lot of travelling this summer which involves A LOT of walking around so this has really been my go to outfit. These shoes just bring every outfit to life no matter what colour t-shirt I wear- I always know I have my colourful runners.

Summer is the perfect time to bring some colour into your wardrobe so why not put it into your footwear!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these shoes anywhere online but I’ve linked some very very similar ones below!!!











I wear a lot of dark colours, especially during the colder months of the year but as soon as summer hits – I usually make a big switch over to lighter colours, mostly because I can’t stand feeling hot and wearing all black can do that to you under the July sun.

However, I can’t be wearing sundresses to work every day so I’ve had to tweak my summer wardrobe a little bit in order for it to be more work friendly. Unless it’s hitting the mid 30s or mid 90s for all my American friends- I’ll usually stick with wearing pants to work. However, I found that wearing my black dress pants don’t really work when it’s humid and sticky outside.


I got these pants from Aritzia a few months ago and they’re under the Wilfred. These are called the allant pant which is described on the website as lightweight and made from a smooth crepe material from Japan. Originally, these pants actually have a white band around the waist but sadly, through travelling, I must have pulled it out by accident and lost it. BUT – not to worry, I’m getting a replacement ribbon next week and will have a new look coming with it! But hey, you get two in one- pants without the ribbon and pants without. Just trying to be optimistic here.


I have been in love with these pants!! They’re very nicely tailored and just as advertised, is very lightweight and is perfect for a summer office look. The material doesn’t stick to your skin and is very breathable. These pants are so easy to wear it’s like a dream – done are the days where I have to wiggle into my pants!

I paired it with a very simple white top that creates a very…calming outfit to look at. It’s a very put together, clean look that ties in all the right neutrals together.


The shoes that I chose have a little more design to them with the ankle bands that go up the ankles, which I think adds a very nice touch to an outfit that’s edging on the plain side- BUT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! By the way, these shoes are my saving grace and I’m working on a post dedicated to them very soon because they’ve saved my feet from disaster.

The shoes are still very neutral but a little lighter than the colour of the pants so it doesn’t make the bottom too heavy looking, I think lighter shoes kind of lifts the outfit up a little bit!

What about you guys? Do you prefer neutrals for the office during the summer or do you stick to darker colours?





Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.01.32 AM

Allant Pants