I am the type of person that hates change. It takes me a little longer to really warm up to people so the thought of meeting a whole new group is terrifying. However, over the years I’ve mastered the art of faking it. It has taken me years to figure out how to channel my inner extrovert and break out of my quiet tendencies.

So, when I realized that I would be interning overseas this summer…I was hit with my first wave of anxiousness. Then the second wave came right before my first day when I started worrying about how I would interact with my new coworkers. Would they like me, would they be mean? What would I be asked to do exactly? Would I know what to do? What if I messed up?

The thing is, when I get nervous, you might never be able to tell. It’s more of an internal dialogue for me while I talk myself down and give myself a pep talk. GET IT TOGETHER SINDY.

So, I want to give you all some of my tips on how to survive your internship- told from the view of someone who walked in half a nervous wreck but hey, look at me now! I’ve survived!



  1. Try to remember names. It gets overwhelming when you’re first meeting people and names can easily slip. You’re going to meet a lot of new people all at once and while it’s hard to remember all of them, make an effort to try! I know sometimes I find myself focusing on trying to remember one name and then I end up forgetting all the others- or I try to remember all of their names and I end up not remembering anyone’s…oh the struggle. However, it shows people that you remember them and leaves a good impression!  It’s also great if you have questions later to be able to address someone by their name.
  2. Bring pen and paper. You’re going to need to take notes at some point and plus it looks a lot better to be prepared. Better safe than sorry. My first day, I went straight into a department meeting I forgot to bring my notebook and pen with me inside- and a very nice co-worker of mine told me that next time I should always carry it with me. Also, remember to write down important information like your email password, login information, your phone extension number, which department you’re in, your office room number, your bosses name, the extension numbers of other departments …all these little things you might not think to remember right away actually is very important.
  3. Dress the part. It’s better to be over-dressed and look very unprofessional than under-dressed. Some offices aren’t very strict on the office dress code and you could easily go to work in clothes that would be considered very business casual. However, without knowing exactly what the underlying dress code is, you should always aim higher, especially on your first day.
  4. Don’t be scared to ask questions. It might seem nerve-wracking to go up to your boss and ask all your questions, but don’t be nervous!! Your boss is probably hoping that you’ll ask questions because this is a learning experience for you and they want you to be able to learn! Also, if you don’t ask questions, there’s a greater chance that you might make a mistake- which is a lot worse than just asking in the first place.
  5. Make friends. For me, it’s easy to reject other people’s invitations to go to lunch or hang out, especially when I don’t know them very well. I was asked to get lunch by two other co-workers during my first week. However, I found out that they were bringing friends from other departments and that got me rethinking my decision. I was so tired of meeting new people and just when I got comfortable with my co-workers- there I was, meeting MORE new people.  I could easily be by myself and sit through my three-month internship alone in my cubicle every day- but that wouldn’t be ideal. Turns out it was such a great decision and I met some great people! Here I am two months later and they’re like friends I’ve known for ages!
  6. Be efficient. Show that you’re eager to work because that’s what you’re there for! If you’re given something to do, don’t take your sweet time and do it! Also, remember to always double check your work before you submit anything because making reckless mistakes also shows that you’re not detail-oriented and not professional enough to double check your work! So keep that in mind!
  7.  Have a good time. This one might be the most important one but try to have a good fun! You might not have the opportunity to be an intern again once you really enter the working world – and interning is really for you to explore the different types of jobs out there to see if a field is really for you! So get out there and explore!


Until next time!!!


Sindy Spencer





Happy Friday everyone!! I’ve been feeling abnormally tired this week and I’m not entirely sure why! Maybe my body is catching up on all the sleep I missed last week- guess I’ll never know. I’ve been sleeping at 10:30pm the latest every night which is a pretty good time for waking up at 6am every morning but boy has it been hard to get myself out of bed.

Anyways, I decided to go for a walk in the park the other day after running a few errands so I wasn’t exactly dressed for exercise. However, I do have to admit it was a gorgeous location to take pictures at! I will definitely have to go back another day…for nature of course.


I’ve been loving this zara dress because it’s so lightweight! I also have an unhealthy with any sort of blue stripes so obviously, I just HAD to get it! One day I’m going to look into my closet and everything is just going to be a sea of blue stripes…or to be honest, it’s already kind of like that.


One dilemma I had with this dress is that the leg slit was actually just a tad higher than I’m comfortable with so I ended up using my very limited sewing skills -a big thank you to my middle school home economics teacher who taught me how to sew a pillow, it ended up being very handy. I closed off the slit right above my knee which I thought was a very good place to stop- not too conservative, but still a little bit adventurous.


AND BOY was I glad! I was hit with a massive gust of wind just as I was posing for a few pictures and in my moment I thanked myself for thinking ahead. Needless to say, I think I had a very…”Marilyn moment” right there, thank God I didn’t flash anyone.

What I love about this dress is the sash! I think it gives me more control over how tight I tie it around my waist! If you think about it, it’s incredibly convenient because if you gain weight, just loosen it and vice versa! I purchased one size bigger for the sole purpose of achieving the effortless baggy look and anything that feels too tight on my body during the summer gets me extra irritated. I also paired this look with a cute white lace bandeau to add a little feminine flare to the whole look!






I was with some co-workers recently having lunch and it just so happened that there was watermelon for lunch that day.

I was having trouble getting all the seeds out and I was reminded of the fact that when I was little, my mom used to tell me that if I swallowed the watermelon seeds, a watermelon would start to grow in my stomach.

If that doesn’t scare a child, then I don’t know what does. I used to think that I could potentially be pregnant with a watermelon baby. Now, yes that would be pretty cool but it’s not ideal. I mean, people would be concerned.. who is the father?!! Then I would have to tell them that I’m really not sure, I’ve had my fair share of watermelons in my life. Who knows which seed got me pregnant.

So to start off this list, I used to believe that swallowing fruit seeds would get be pregnant with a fruit baby. It makes me laugh that even though this is absolutely absurd, I firmly believed in this for YEARS. You bet that I never ever swallowed any fruit seeds when I was younger.

I used to believe that if I crossed my eyes too much, they would stay like that forever. In fact, whenever my friends used to jokingly cross their eyes for fun, I would hold my breath waiting to see if their eyes would get stuck like it. Yes, I also did warn them but it’s a lot harder for one kid to convince another kid – I didn’t have the same authority.

I used to believe that relationships/love is all happy and nothing ever goes wrong. This one isn’t as funny but boy was I wrong about this one. I still am a firm believer that there is one person for everyone and that everyone has a soul mate somewhere out there BUT…that doesn’t mean that the journey to get there is a smooth one.  It’s very bittersweet actually and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it except wait and if two people are meant to be together, they will somehow end up together.

I used to believe that if I didn’t clear my plate when I ate, I would grow pimples. This was especially true for rice dishes or anything like peas etc that resembled the shape of pimples.  SADLY, I got pimples anyways and that’s when I realized finishing all my food for all those years didn’t stop puberty from blessing me with acne.

I used to believe that I could fight police officers if I ate spicy food. This one is particularly odd and I very vaguely remember being told this but I do remember stocking up on spicy food. As a child, I was so scared of police officers. There was something about their uniform and ability to arrest me that freaked me out. I guess my mom utilized that very real fear to get me to eat more spicy food! Good thing is, I can handle my spice now!

What were some things you believed in as a child?!!

Sindy Spencer



I don’t know how long its been since I’ve worn overalls. I just never thought of myself as someone who would look good in them. As some of my friends like to tell me, I sometimes have a New England mom look. Now, I don’t really know what that entails or whether that’s a really bad thing or a good thing. I guess it’s up to interpretation. My whole point is that overalls don’t quite go well with “that” whole get up.

But man, have I been missing out on a whole world of comfort. These overalls are like sweatpants on steroids. Because they still qualify as a cute outfit without people giving you the side-eye that you’re wearing something as comfortable and casual as sweatpants in public. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against sweatpants. In fact, I have too many pairs at home and I ONLY wore sweatpants in middle school. It’s just that when you live downtown and everyone around you is dressed nicely 24/7, it’s hard to put up a brave face and wear sweats whenever you want.

When I walked out with this outfit, I felt like I was wearing pyjamas. The black is perfect because you can pair it with almost any colour shirt underneath- white, grey, tan… or if you’re more adventurous you could go with some pastels or any colour really!

The fabric is super light weight and the wide legs open up space for air to flow out and about! It’s really the perfect summer outfit! Mind you, I wore it on a very hot and humid day and I made it out alive! When I was wearing these, I felt like I could go run a marathon or do the splits…both something I’ve never done before, with the exception of the splits, but I haven’t been able to do that since I was 4 years old.

I just paired it with a pair of white shoes but there are endless possibilities! You could go with some white sneakers or sandals too!! In fact, I think tan sandals would look so cute with these!


I also brought my little brown shoulder bag along with me that day and the gold chains really dressed up the outfit! Black and gold are probably one of my favourite colour combinations so it definitely worked out well!

I was thinking that even a small backpack could look really good too or a big shoulder bag if you have a lot of stuff to carry around (like me).

That’s it for today!!!


Sindy Spencer


Hello everyone. My name is Sindy and I am a coffee addict (or..was). But…I want to tell you the story of how I stopped drinking coffee and switched over to tea.

Now, I feel like I should start off with a bit of a disclaimer because while I know I have a big coffee problem, there are many people suffering from extremely serious addictions.  So, here is a light read for everyone and hopefully a lot of you can relate!

My journey with caffeine started in middle school when I would drink coffee that was 99% milk and sugar. My intake was heavily monitored and in moderation of course because what middle schooler needs to be drinking coffee anyways. I liked the taste of “coffee” and never understood the appeal of black coffee… something that my mom always drank. Now, coffee used to have absolutely no effect on me and I used to pride myself in being able to drink coffee right before bed and sleep like a log. For me, coffee seemed like something only adults would do, at least to a younger version of me. And…even though what I was drinking was borderline coffee flavored milk, I still felt pretty badass.

I even got a milk frother one year in hopes of learning how to make latte art…that didn’t go so well. What came out was foamy, watered down milk. YUM! Anyone wanna come to my cafe? I promise you some state of the art lattes.

Fast forward to high school, I spent a few months in the 11th grade drinking one cup of green tea and one cup of black coffee every single morning on an empty stomach. Healthy, I know. I was scolded at by my mom every morning telling me how bad it was for my body, but I argued- nothing bad was happening to me!

Then one day after going to my favourite deli for dinner with my friend and then to a museum event where I excitedly met David Suzuki, I came home and was hit with what felt like the worst stomach “illness” I’ve ever gotten. Keep in mind that this did happen quite a few years ago but the fact that I remember the details so vividly should give you a taste of just how bad it was.

Now, here’s where things get a little…fuzzy.  I really don’t know whether it was my food that made me so ill or the harm that excessive amounts of caffeine did to my body. I had been to the restaurant before so it shouldn’t have been the food, but I also wasn’t sure if coffee and tea could create such a storm. Nonetheless, I stopped drinking caffeine altogether. It really takes throwing up for two days straight to start being careful. Better safe than sorry right.

I never completely cut coffee out because I did have a cup here and there but it really wasn’t a constant in my life. Coffee then was something that I drank if I remembered and sometimes it was a treat if I wanted to get a special drink once in a while.

Lets skip forward again to college. This is really when the addiction comes into play.

This past year was really the peak of my coffee addiction and my body certainly paid for it. It started during the summer when I would wake up to a cup of black coffee every single morning without fail. Then, if I was still feeling sleepy after breakfast, a cup of tea. Sometimes around lunch time, the sleepiness would crawl back and of course, that would call for another cup. Slowly but surely, the dependency started to grow. I would wake up tired, no matter what time I woke up and drinking a cup of coffee was the only thing that could make me feel..normal. My catch phrase when people ask me how I’m doing is pretty much always, “I’m tired.” The thing is, I wasn’t lying. I just always felt…tired.

Because of this daily routine, exams became difficult because coffee stopped having effects on my body and I was starting to get immune to it. All it did was make me feel like a normal human being again. Feeling awake and alert was a feeling very foreign to me. It just meant that I had to double my intake and drink fast to try to “wake up” faster. Drinking coffee was really no longer a leisurely activity but a means to stay ….alive?! Haha. Some people chug alcohol in college, I chugged coffee. Same thing right??

I would make myself a big cup of coffee as soon as I woke up and then get an iced coffee (which was made with espresso) when I got to the library and then another brewed coffee later in the afternoon. I discovered the Starbucks double shot on ice – which if you order a venti, is five shots of espresso (I think). Sometimes when I had a free drink, I would get a venti double shot on ice with an extra two shots. Even then I wasn’t even super awake…But lets just say my heart rate was irregular for a solid month and my hands were shaky as well. It’s not that I never tried to stop, but I really couldn’t! Cut back the coffee and you’ll find me on the ground passed out with a headache and a pile of work to catch up on.

Summer break might mean a break from coffee for a lot of people but I still needed my daily cup. Then I started my internship which meant waking up early and working all day which officially added one small cup in the morning and a mug full during the day to help me stay awake. Even then I was still sleepy by 11pm the latest on my almost two regular sized mug fulls of black coffee.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. There was one day where I didn’t drink coffee right when I woke up but I had a sip an hour later and I was hit with the worst headache I’ve ever had in my entire life. Thank God it was a Saturday but I spent my entire day in pain. Even though I eventually had some coffee later, the headache didn’t disappear. In fact, I feel like it made it worse. I even had a sip of coke in hopes that the caffeine in there would suddenly solve all my problems. I remember sitting in the back of the car in a weird state of nausea, exauhstion and irritation at the same time. It didn’t help that the heat outside was making my headache worse by the minute. I’m not joking when I say that I wanted to pull my hair out I was so in pain and didn’t have direct access to advil or anything to treat headaches. Eventually a few hours later the headache went away but it left me feeling very very bitter and terrified about not drinking coffee.

I went on a short trip recently where there was really not a lot of coffee around and I didn’t have access to any the first day when we got there. I had woken up at 4:30am in order to get on a 7am flight. But even though I didn’t drink any coffee, I fell asleep at 3pm and slept all the way until almost 10pm. Woke up, got ready for bed officially and fell asleep again at 11pm and woke up the next morning at 8am. So, without any sort of caffeine pushing me, my body was capable of sleeping…a lot…my theory is that it was catching up on all the sleep that it missed over the last year, but who knows!

The next day I didn’t have coffee in the morning either, but I don’t know whether it was the fact that I slept too much or that my body started to realize I hadn’t had coffee in a whole day that my heartache started to creep back. I took two Advils and waited for the headache to go away but there was still this dulling pain in the back. I caved and got a small black coffee to share,  that made me feel instantly better and happier.

The next day was a lot better, sure I was grumpy but my headache didn’t come back and I somehow survived. The next few days were a breeze and I had zero caffeine in my body! Now that was the easy part because I was on a trip and with no agenda, I didn’t need to wake up early every single morning. However, I decided that when I go back to work, I wouldn’t have coffee in the morning but tea instead.

The first morning was fine, I woke up right before my alarm clock and due to the fact that at that time, I hadn’t had coffee in three days, I didn’t feel immediate fatigue upon waking up. I had one cup of green tea to sip throughout the day, slept at my normal sleeping time and woke up gracefully when my alarm clock woke me up the next morning.

Its been almost two weeks since I’ve had any coffee and I’ve made the switch over to tea in the morning when I get to work. I have been feeling a lot less sluggish and now that I know I can be okay without having coffee in my system, my body seems to understand that it doesn’t have to feel tired all the time. It’s incredible how one small change can change how my body feels on a day to day basis!

Stay tuned for a one month update soon?? Will I survive or not…why knows!!


Sindy Spencer