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Guys I’m finally writing a post about these striped culottes from Zara that I’ve been obsessed with! I went to Zara after my last final exam in May to shop because I was SO HAPPY and I went in with my $$$ dollas $$$ for the sole purpose of spending all of it…. I know bad … but also I deserved it.

I don’t know about you guys but the line up at the Zara I usually go to is always so long!!! You have to be insanely dedicated to stand there and wait to try your pieces on.

I usually don’t mind the wait except I usually have too many things and my arms end up feeling extra sore and when I get home I feel like I’ve had a serious workout. Who ever said shopping isn’t considered exercise?

That day I was actually in a rush but none the less your girl wanted to SHOP! So I did something I usually never do at Zara… I bought something without trying it on. This might sound bizarre to some of you but I find that my body type doesn’t fit everything right at Zara and I seriously can’t eye a piece and buy it- trust me I’ve tried things on that look like they’d fit me fine but sometimes they look so awful on me!

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I saw these pants from the corner of my eye as I was about to walk to check out. I had been looking for a pair of culottes for a while but usually, my big bum doesn’t look right in most culottes that are too tight around the derriere area. I noticed that these were perfect because it looked super roomy and it had a tie around belt around the waist so I knew that I could control how tight it was on me.

I opted for a size bigger just in case and my god am I happy that I bought them because these have really been a summer staple for me!! These bottoms are insanely versatile depending on how you style it! Switch things up and you can wear these to work, brunch or a casual day out!

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Zara has these in a few different colours but I went for the blue and white stripes because obviously, I don’t have enough blue and white stripes and I need MORE…. the heart wants what it wants, what can I say?!

These culottes are super lightweight and has an incredibly breathable material that’s perfect for the summer! There’s a lining inside that provides a super cooling effect… I’m not sure if that’s its job but at least that’s what it did for me.  Also you guys… it has pockets! Which is really a godsend and they’re also massive pockets which I love!

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The belt is probably my favourite part other than the waist! You can tie it looser or tighter depending on how much you eat that day… 😉 Some days I feel incredibly bloated and you bet that I’m tieing that belt super loose that day.

It’s very flattering because of the high waist and it looks great with either a tight top, body suit or a cropped top!!! I just love the wide legs because I don’t feel constrained in my pants- something that irritates me way too much during the summer.

This top I also grabbed from the forever21 sale rack for four dollars! Such a steal and it’s so cute too!! It’s great because it’s cropped at just the right place and matches SO well with these bottoms!

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Have you guys been into culottes recently??!!



Zara Culottes  |   F21 Red Twist Front Tee  |  F21 Long Sleeve Cropped Tee








Suede is a material that just has a very…autumn feel to it, at least to me! It reminds me of September, the changing leaves and warm pie. It was mid-September of 2016 that I purchased my first suede skirt from Forever 21. I struggled over which colour to buy and ended up purchasing two, a hunter green and a dark caramel colour. I wore them with tights and without, but all while the weather stayed relatively cool.  I never considered wearing my suede skirt past the colder months, especially in the middle of summer…but here I am, blessing the HOT July air with its presence.


What I love about this skirt is how forgiving it is! I hate skirts that have a side zipper because god forbid I eat too much and the next thing I know I’m sitting in my chair feeling like the skirt is cutting into my stomach and I’m about to pull an Aunt Marge and float away. Forgive me, I’ve been re reading Harry Potter and that’s the only thing I could think of.

The buttons on this skirt are perfect because not only does it create a vertical illusion but it’s a lot easier to slip into! The suede material isn’t super flimsy so it’s easy to tuck a t-shirt into it without looking bulky! I hate it when skirts have a super thin material that shows every single line …shirt, underwear…everything. I also love wearing just a simple body suit with it which really places a lot of emphasis on the waist and it looks AMAZING!!!


I’ve been loving mixing fabrics and I love the look of the suede and cotton mix match!! This colour especially would look great with a tan something that I don’t have right now…

One initial worry that I had was that this might be too hot of a fabric to wear when it’s humid and gross outside but I was sooo wrong!! It actually felt super airy and incredibly lightweight which is great for the summer!

In this look, I just paired it with a super simple tee from forever 21 that was less than 5 dollars!! I got the shirt in a smaller size so that it was a little bit more cropped and easier to wear with a skirt!!!


Do you guys wear skirts often?? I’m always so picky with my skirts but definitely going to try branching out!!!







I wear a lot of dark colours, especially during the colder months of the year but as soon as summer hits – I usually make a big switch over to lighter colours, mostly because I can’t stand feeling hot and wearing all black can do that to you under the July sun.

However, I can’t be wearing sundresses to work every day so I’ve had to tweak my summer wardrobe a little bit in order for it to be more work friendly. Unless it’s hitting the mid 30s or mid 90s for all my American friends- I’ll usually stick with wearing pants to work. However, I found that wearing my black dress pants don’t really work when it’s humid and sticky outside.


I got these pants from Aritzia a few months ago and they’re under the Wilfred. These are called the allant pant which is described on the website as lightweight and made from a smooth crepe material from Japan. Originally, these pants actually have a white band around the waist but sadly, through travelling, I must have pulled it out by accident and lost it. BUT – not to worry, I’m getting a replacement ribbon next week and will have a new look coming with it! But hey, you get two in one- pants without the ribbon and pants without. Just trying to be optimistic here.


I have been in love with these pants!! They’re very nicely tailored and just as advertised, is very lightweight and is perfect for a summer office look. The material doesn’t stick to your skin and is very breathable. These pants are so easy to wear it’s like a dream – done are the days where I have to wiggle into my pants!

I paired it with a very simple white top that creates a very…calming outfit to look at. It’s a very put together, clean look that ties in all the right neutrals together.


The shoes that I chose have a little more design to them with the ankle bands that go up the ankles, which I think adds a very nice touch to an outfit that’s edging on the plain side- BUT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! By the way, these shoes are my saving grace and I’m working on a post dedicated to them very soon because they’ve saved my feet from disaster.

The shoes are still very neutral but a little lighter than the colour of the pants so it doesn’t make the bottom too heavy looking, I think lighter shoes kind of lifts the outfit up a little bit!

What about you guys? Do you prefer neutrals for the office during the summer or do you stick to darker colours?





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Allant Pants


Happy Friday everyone!! I’ve been feeling abnormally tired this week and I’m not entirely sure why! Maybe my body is catching up on all the sleep I missed last week- guess I’ll never know. I’ve been sleeping at 10:30pm the latest every night which is a pretty good time for waking up at 6am every morning but boy has it been hard to get myself out of bed.

Anyways, I decided to go for a walk in the park the other day after running a few errands so I wasn’t exactly dressed for exercise. However, I do have to admit it was a gorgeous location to take pictures at! I will definitely have to go back another day…for nature of course.


I’ve been loving this zara dress because it’s so lightweight! I also have an unhealthy with any sort of blue stripes so obviously, I just HAD to get it! One day I’m going to look into my closet and everything is just going to be a sea of blue stripes…or to be honest, it’s already kind of like that.


One dilemma I had with this dress is that the leg slit was actually just a tad higher than I’m comfortable with so I ended up using my very limited sewing skills -a big thank you to my middle school home economics teacher who taught me how to sew a pillow, it ended up being very handy. I closed off the slit right above my knee which I thought was a very good place to stop- not too conservative, but still a little bit adventurous.


AND BOY was I glad! I was hit with a massive gust of wind just as I was posing for a few pictures and in my moment I thanked myself for thinking ahead. Needless to say, I think I had a very…”Marilyn moment” right there, thank God I didn’t flash anyone.

What I love about this dress is the sash! I think it gives me more control over how tight I tie it around my waist! If you think about it, it’s incredibly convenient because if you gain weight, just loosen it and vice versa! I purchased one size bigger for the sole purpose of achieving the effortless baggy look and anything that feels too tight on my body during the summer gets me extra irritated. I also paired this look with a cute white lace bandeau to add a little feminine flare to the whole look!






I don’t know how long its been since I’ve worn overalls. I just never thought of myself as someone who would look good in them. As some of my friends like to tell me, I sometimes have a New England mom look. Now, I don’t really know what that entails or whether that’s a really bad thing or a good thing. I guess it’s up to interpretation. My whole point is that overalls don’t quite go well with “that” whole get up.

But man, have I been missing out on a whole world of comfort. These overalls are like sweatpants on steroids. Because they still qualify as a cute outfit without people giving you the side-eye that you’re wearing something as comfortable and casual as sweatpants in public. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against sweatpants. In fact, I have too many pairs at home and I ONLY wore sweatpants in middle school. It’s just that when you live downtown and everyone around you is dressed nicely 24/7, it’s hard to put up a brave face and wear sweats whenever you want.

When I walked out with this outfit, I felt like I was wearing pyjamas. The black is perfect because you can pair it with almost any colour shirt underneath- white, grey, tan… or if you’re more adventurous you could go with some pastels or any colour really!

The fabric is super light weight and the wide legs open up space for air to flow out and about! It’s really the perfect summer outfit! Mind you, I wore it on a very hot and humid day and I made it out alive! When I was wearing these, I felt like I could go run a marathon or do the splits…both something I’ve never done before, with the exception of the splits, but I haven’t been able to do that since I was 4 years old.

I just paired it with a pair of white shoes but there are endless possibilities! You could go with some white sneakers or sandals too!! In fact, I think tan sandals would look so cute with these!


I also brought my little brown shoulder bag along with me that day and the gold chains really dressed up the outfit! Black and gold are probably one of my favourite colour combinations so it definitely worked out well!

I was thinking that even a small backpack could look really good too or a big shoulder bag if you have a lot of stuff to carry around (like me).

That’s it for today!!!


Sindy Spencer