I wear a lot of dark colours, especially during the colder months of the year but as soon as summer hits – I usually make a big switch over to lighter colours, mostly because I can’t stand feeling hot and wearing all black can do that to you under the July sun.

However, I can’t be wearing sundresses to work every day so I’ve had to tweak my summer wardrobe a little bit in order for it to be more work friendly. Unless it’s hitting the mid 30s or mid 90s for all my American friends- I’ll usually stick with wearing pants to work. However, I found that wearing my black dress pants don’t really work when it’s humid and sticky outside.


I got these pants from Aritzia a few months ago and they’re under the Wilfred. These are called the allant pant which is described on the website as lightweight and made from a smooth crepe material from Japan. Originally, these pants actually have a white band around the waist but sadly, through travelling, I must have pulled it out by accident and lost it. BUT – not to worry, I’m getting a replacement ribbon next week and will have a new look coming with it! But hey, you get two in one- pants without the ribbon and pants without. Just trying to be optimistic here.


I have been in love with these pants!! They’re very nicely tailored and just as advertised, is very lightweight and is perfect for a summer office look. The material doesn’t stick to your skin and is very breathable. These pants are so easy to wear it’s like a dream – done are the days where I have to wiggle into my pants!

I paired it with a very simple white top that creates a very…calming outfit to look at. It’s a very put together, clean look that ties in all the right neutrals together.


The shoes that I chose have a little more design to them with the ankle bands that go up the ankles, which I think adds a very nice touch to an outfit that’s edging on the plain side- BUT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! By the way, these shoes are my saving grace and I’m working on a post dedicated to them very soon because they’ve saved my feet from disaster.

The shoes are still very neutral but a little lighter than the colour of the pants so it doesn’t make the bottom too heavy looking, I think lighter shoes kind of lifts the outfit up a little bit!

What about you guys? Do you prefer neutrals for the office during the summer or do you stick to darker colours?





Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.01.32 AM

Allant Pants


Happy Friday everyone!! I’ve been feeling abnormally tired this week and I’m not entirely sure why! Maybe my body is catching up on all the sleep I missed last week- guess I’ll never know. I’ve been sleeping at 10:30pm the latest every night which is a pretty good time for waking up at 6am every morning but boy has it been hard to get myself out of bed.

Anyways, I decided to go for a walk in the park the other day after running a few errands so I wasn’t exactly dressed for exercise. However, I do have to admit it was a gorgeous location to take pictures at! I will definitely have to go back another day…for nature of course.


I’ve been loving this zara dress because it’s so lightweight! I also have an unhealthy with any sort of blue stripes so obviously, I just HAD to get it! One day I’m going to look into my closet and everything is just going to be a sea of blue stripes…or to be honest, it’s already kind of like that.


One dilemma I had with this dress is that the leg slit was actually just a tad higher than I’m comfortable with so I ended up using my very limited sewing skills -a big thank you to my middle school home economics teacher who taught me how to sew a pillow, it ended up being very handy. I closed off the slit right above my knee which I thought was a very good place to stop- not too conservative, but still a little bit adventurous.


AND BOY was I glad! I was hit with a massive gust of wind just as I was posing for a few pictures and in my moment I thanked myself for thinking ahead. Needless to say, I think I had a very…”Marilyn moment” right there, thank God I didn’t flash anyone.

What I love about this dress is the sash! I think it gives me more control over how tight I tie it around my waist! If you think about it, it’s incredibly convenient because if you gain weight, just loosen it and vice versa! I purchased one size bigger for the sole purpose of achieving the effortless baggy look and anything that feels too tight on my body during the summer gets me extra irritated. I also paired this look with a cute white lace bandeau to add a little feminine flare to the whole look!






I don’t know how long its been since I’ve worn overalls. I just never thought of myself as someone who would look good in them. As some of my friends like to tell me, I sometimes have a New England mom look. Now, I don’t really know what that entails or whether that’s a really bad thing or a good thing. I guess it’s up to interpretation. My whole point is that overalls don’t quite go well with “that” whole get up.

But man, have I been missing out on a whole world of comfort. These overalls are like sweatpants on steroids. Because they still qualify as a cute outfit without people giving you the side-eye that you’re wearing something as comfortable and casual as sweatpants in public. Mind you, I have absolutely nothing against sweatpants. In fact, I have too many pairs at home and I ONLY wore sweatpants in middle school. It’s just that when you live downtown and everyone around you is dressed nicely 24/7, it’s hard to put up a brave face and wear sweats whenever you want.

When I walked out with this outfit, I felt like I was wearing pyjamas. The black is perfect because you can pair it with almost any colour shirt underneath- white, grey, tan… or if you’re more adventurous you could go with some pastels or any colour really!

The fabric is super light weight and the wide legs open up space for air to flow out and about! It’s really the perfect summer outfit! Mind you, I wore it on a very hot and humid day and I made it out alive! When I was wearing these, I felt like I could go run a marathon or do the splits…both something I’ve never done before, with the exception of the splits, but I haven’t been able to do that since I was 4 years old.

I just paired it with a pair of white shoes but there are endless possibilities! You could go with some white sneakers or sandals too!! In fact, I think tan sandals would look so cute with these!


I also brought my little brown shoulder bag along with me that day and the gold chains really dressed up the outfit! Black and gold are probably one of my favourite colour combinations so it definitely worked out well!

I was thinking that even a small backpack could look really good too or a big shoulder bag if you have a lot of stuff to carry around (like me).

That’s it for today!!!


Sindy Spencer


I used to own a hot pink softshell jacket that I wore non-stop. My mom considers that one of her best purchases for me because I definitely made the most out of that poor jacket. It really didn’t matter the weather, I would wear it everywhere.  I’ll tell you a secret though, I still have that jacket and I do occasionally STILL wear it.

The whole point of that story is to say that I haven’t worn anything even remotely as vibrant as that pink jacket in a really long time. My jackets range from a dark blue to black- sometimes wandering into the grays but that’s really about it. I didn’t think that I liked super bright colours and to be honest, I don’t really need my jacket to stand out that much- what If I was being chased down the street, why would I want to be so easily spotted?! All jokes aside, I really do like wearing neutral palate colours and I rarely stray away from the basics.

On my recent trip, I forgot to pack a jacket, to my dismay and shock because I am usually very well prepared for trips. I really didn’t expect the weather to be rainy or as cold as it was. I felt like I was left stranded and freezing my butt off. The one sweater I packed was a little baggy, looked slouchy and I wasn’t really a fan of what it was doing for me. I low key looked like a light grey garbage bag…just saying…to give you all a visual.

However, my mom did pack this lovely bright red jacket that she claims to be the best jacket ever. I swear if she could be a salesman for any brand, it would be for Arcteryx! She raves about it and I have to say she has a good reason to love it! They make incredible stuff! It’s incredibly lightweight with an adjustable hood and not only is it waterproof and wind resistant,  but it keeps you warm as well. What I love about this jacket is the shape of it.




It perfectly hugs the back of the waist with its silhouette shape. The jacket isn’t super short which is something I love and covers the derriere quite nicely- I used this to my advantage when I wanted to sit down but the seat was slightly wet from the rain. No fear, I’ve got my jacket.

This red isn’t incredibly overpowering and it really is a very vibrant but fresh looking colour that is very welcoming to look at. Sure it stands out but certainly not in a bad way. The jacket isn’t tacky and if paired with the right colours, it can look amazing. I mean if you chose to pair this jacket with say a pair of neon pink leggings then you could have some colour clashing problems… but even with just plain black jeans and a solid colour shirt- like black – you’ll be fine.

So, here’s to experimenting with more colours!! Any suggestions as to what I should be trying next?


Sindy Spencer


Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking.

We all know that florals are the epitome of the perfect spring outfit…given the right weather of course. Luckily living in Canada is a different story especially when winter takes up half the year, then spring lasts for two days and the next thing you know it’s already summer and your entire closet is still full of sweaters, jackets, and scarves. It’s safe to say the florals don’t get a chance to shine during their designated time of spring

It’s safe to say the florals don’t get a chance to shine during their designated time so I make it my mission to make sure they have their 15 seconds of fame during the summer. My mom and I are both huge fans of  Lilly Pulitzer. I think her designs are the perfect mix of colors and flowers that work well together and don’t clash and look tacky.  I for one love a nice floral summer dress or any type of sundress. I think they’re so feminine and you can’t go wrong with them on a hot summer day when the thought of having to wear pants sounds like death, especially if you live somewhere where the summer is just pure humidity. Nooo thank you!

I picked up this Lilly Pulitzer dress last summer after trying on what felt like the whole store.

This dress is so incredibly light weight but the fabric is thick enough to hold its shape and it’s great quality fabric that can withstand the test of time. As well, the material is breathable which is perfect for the summer heat. The shape of the dress might be my favourite part other than the design. I don’t know about you ladies but winter is a very rough time. The tan fades and the fat builds. Come the time to put away the pants and bulky sweaters, I am faced with a major dilemma because what fit just right six months ago now makes me look like a potato. This dress is elegant, classy and hides all those…dare I say…bulging parts when you’re coming out of the winter season. It doesn’t hug any specific part of the body and gives you plenty of room to move around as well.  This dress gives you time to get out of your winter suit.

A design like this one really never gets old. It’s the bright colours and well-designed florals that make Lilly Pulitzer dresses timeless and easy to spot. It looks great with a tan or in my case…no tan. Regardless, take a chance on Lilly Pulitzer dresses if you haven’t already you’re guaranteed a one-stop summer favourite.