I am addicted to perfumes and body sprays. I’ll admit it. I’m always up to try out things and I feel like I’m constantly testing out perfumes on my arm at the store. Yup, I’m that girl. Whether I’m at Sephora or even the drug store, you can leave me in the perfume section for hours.

I find scents so powerful. If you think about it, sometimes one scent can bring you back to an exact moment or time in your life. How amazing is that. I have a special relationship with my first perfume ever that my dad got for me when I was just a little girl. It still remains one of my favourite scents of all time. More on that in another post though!

Today I want to talk about summer scents. To me, these are the ones that are lighter and not super strong. Now, I have to be honest, I’m the type of person to have a “signiture scent”. I usually wear the same perfume every single day. However once in a while, I like to change things up a little bit and take a break. Now just a little disclaimer I really don’t know how to describes scents very well nor do I understand base notes, top notes etc so please bear with me and I’ll try my best.

This is the Real Alta Moda perfume for women. I honestly have no clue where I got this from but I just googled it and this is avaliable for purchase on Amazon and EBay! This perfume is such a fresh floral scent. For some reason, I think of water and the ocean when I smell this. Maybe it was because I wore it around water a lot or maybe because of the bottle, who knows. This perfume isn’t overpowering at all and it’s a pretty neutral scent that provides a light smell perfect for the summer heat.

This scent brings me back to middle school. And for those of you who don’t know which perfume this is, it’s the original Juicy Couture perfume. What originally drew me in was the packaging, I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty darn cute. I would say this scent could act as both a summer and winter fragrance because there is a certain warmth and creaminess( can you even describe perfume like this?) to it that works really well with colder temperatures in my opinion. While I wouldn’t say this is a very mature scent, I do think this scent is perfect for a gal that doesn’t mind a sweeter perfume.

I got this in a gift package from Victoria Secret a long time ago and I only find myself reaching for it during the summer time. This is the VS gorgeous Spray (not the perfume). Because this is a spray, it has a lot less staying power and siliage. I world say this is a sweeter scent like a lot of the VS products. However, this is perfect for the beach or a day out where you know you’ll be sweaty and hot. What’s better is that the packing is small and light. Perfect for carrying around if you need a touch up.

I absolutely love this smell! To me, it is such a classy scent. This is the signiture coach scent for women. One thing I have to say about this is that it is very floral. However I wouldn’t say it is overpowering especially if you don’t overdo it. This is a very airy and light perfume that makes me feel… feminine and breezy. It reminds me of a white floral scent and I feel like I’m sitting on a beach in Hawaii sipping on a cold drink.

That’s it for today’s post 🙂

Sindy Spencer




The best thing ever 

I have been using this product for a really, really long time. I bought this on a whim in the eighth grade when I purchased the matching shampoo and conditioner. To be honest, the only reason I bought any products in this line was because of the smell. OH.MY.GOD the smell!!!! For anyone who has seen Friends, I am totally saying that in my most annoying Janice voice.

I don’t know why but I wish I could bottle  up this smell and carry it around with me forever. Now, the downside to that eighth grade purchase was that the shampoo and conditioner really did not live up to expectations. In fact, they really sucked. If you guys want a review on that please let me know. However, I also used the product a while ago so there is a chance things could have changed. The upside is that I found my holy grail hair product.

Not only is it a lot cheaper than other products that do the same thing, it performs the same…if not better. I’m not saying I’ve tried a wide array of hair oils, because I really haven’t. I’ve only used the actual Moroccanoil and another hot oil from L’OrĂ©al. The L’OrĂ©al one sucked so much I don’t even remember the name and Moroccanoil is actually pretty amazing but the only downside is…the price. For 100ml, it costs around $18 CAD which is a little over double of what the Organix one costs. The only difference I’ve seen between the two products is the smell and the consistency.

This Organix oil is a little runnier than the Moroccanoil. If I’m going to try to describe the consistency, I would say that with the Organix, all I have to do is tilt the bottle and the liquid will come out relatively quickly. With Moroccanoil, especially if the bottle isn’t full, it takes a little longer to get the oil out.

Having used both, I think I can safely say that I don’t see a big difference performance wise. They both do the same thing in my opinion and if I had to purchase one in the long run, I definitely choose the cheaper version.

I usually apply this product after I take a shower and I’ve towel dried my hair. I take about two dime sizes and run it through my ends when my hair is still just a tad damp. I know on the packaging they tell you to use about a dime size or whatever, but come on I’ve got a lot of damaged ends and I need a little more than that. Plus my hair is really thick and sometimes you just gotta compromise.

What this does for my hair is pretty wonderful. It softens my hair and I’ve realized that even with my horrible ends, this oil makes it a lot less…grassy. It just keeps my hair healthy in-between haircuts and protects it despite all the damaging things I do to it. Basically, this hair oil allows me to treat my hair like crap and (kind of) get away with it. Having said that, a little does go a long way so don’t overdo it. Putting too much in can actually have a negative effect on your hair and make it feel a lot more heavier due to the extra grease. I find that it takes me quite a while to run out of this product. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t use it on a daily basis (mainly because I don’t wash my hair everyday) or because the product  just takes a long time to finish. However, it just means that for the $7 ish dollars you spend on it, you really get your use out of it!!

More favourite products coming soon! Be sure to follow my blog or instagram to get update!! Thanks for reading! What are your holy grail products?



Sindy Spencer


MASCARA!!! I have to say, I am obsessed. The funny thing is that I never really wore mascara until this year so although I’m  relatively new to the game, I’d like to think I caught up pretty quickly. I never realized how much mascara really matters if you want your eyes to pop. Not only do they make my lashes look ten times longer, they make them thicker too!! I’ve fallen into a really nice mascara routine, as I like to call it. Prior to this, I was only using the Maybelline Falsies mascara but, I found something a lot better. 

The Maybelline Lash Sensational is absolutely sensational!!! (Haha) Seriously this stuff is AMAZING. However, the waterproof and regular formulas are a little different in my opinion. The picture up here is the regular one and although it’s amazing, I find that the formula is a little wet for me sometimes. My lashes aren’t naturally very curled and I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t use super wet mascaras because they’ll just drag them down. However, on days where I’m feeling a little lazy and I don’t want the hassle to removing waterproof mascara, this is a great option!

Now for the star of the show, the waterproof formula. I don’t know what I’d do without it. The brush of this mascara allows me to really coat each lash individually and because of the harder bristles, I like to wiggle it a little and separate my lashes so they don’t clump. I use this one first in my routine because it lengthens like crazy and it separates all of my lashes. This is gonna sound like an ad… but my lashes do look like a fan sometimes after I’m done. This formula is a lot dryer in comparison to the regular one and it stays on really beautifully. As you can see, the packaging is a little worn because it’s so well loved. I’ve gone through two of these already and I’m ready to go back for more. 

Alright, next comes volumizing. After I get my lashes nice and long, I like to use a volumizing mascara (or two). This one is the LancĂ´me HypnĂ´se and I think it’s a great high end option. I didn’t actually purchase this one because I got it as a present but I’m so glad it came into my life! What I like about this brush is that I can go over my lashes more carefully for an extra coat and the size is perfect. The brush is also really soft and the bristles go through my lashes really smoothly. However as much as I love this, if you’re living on a budget and want to have one volumizing mascara only, I would recommend the next one. 

I feel like Maybelline Falsies is such a cult favorite. I have been using this mascara for such a long time and I never really fully appreciated it until now. The brush is shaped like a spoon and for me, it’s the perfect shape to get to the base of my lashes and build up the volume from there. The formula isn’t very wet, especially if you use it after the lash sensational. It’s the perfect consistency that is just the right thickness. I have nothing bad to say about this mascara, it’s just great. If you haven’t tried it yet, please please do. 

Last but not least, I have the Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious. Now I don’t use this on my top lashes because I find that the formula is way too thick and when I try to build it, my lashes start to look really clumpy and flakey. I know I’m not making it sound good right now, but this does wonders for my lower lashes. The reason why my tube looks so gross right now is because I wipe off the excess formula from the wand before I apply. I usually choose one side, wipe off the extra and lightly wiggle on my lower lashes. Not only does this method volumize and coat my lower lashes very nicely but it does not budge. What I hated about this mascara on my top lashes was that it was almost too dry and gave my lashes no movement. However that’s exactly what I need for the bottom. I also find that I never get raccoon eyes with this mascara and even if I cry, it still stays. The only thing you have to do is really wipe off the excess because you’ll look crazy if you put too much formula on the bottom. 

That’s it for today!! I’ll be back soon with other favorites and a skin care routine! If there are any mascara you want me to try let me know! 


Sindy Spencer


Looking back at this time last year, I was working my butt off to look my best at prom. I had realized that not working out at all during the year had caught up and I had to get my lazy butt to the gym. 

Prom was a pretty great time, I’m not gonna lie. I spent months on Pinterest trying to find the perfect makeup and hair look so that I could show the stylists what I wanted. By the end of it all, I decided against getting anything done but my nails. I had a fear that anyone else doing my makeup would either mess it up or make me look like a rainbow cake. I’ve seen those Youtube videos of girls complaining about paying for a makeup artist to do their makeup but they ended up hating it. I did not want to be one of those girls. I had a certain routine for my makeup and I was pretty content with doing it myself. Worst comes to worse, I could wash it all off and do it again without wasting $50.

My wonderful date had nicely purchased my corsage for me and also his boutonniere. The boys had all gone to the same flower store and picked out their flowers. I was so excited. There’s a certain build up to that moment when he puts the corsage on your wrist and not only is it an intimate moment, but it’s also a very special moment. To me, that is the classic prom moment.

Now, I have to tell you that I had been googling corsages for some time now and I had seen pictures of girls and their corsages. It seemed like everyone had the same one with a circle of small white roses. I like to know what to expect and going into prom, that was what I had in mind. So, when he opened the box and I saw something other than the white roses, I was pleasantly surprised. Sitting in the box was a beautiful white orchid with a soft pink center. The sheer white ribbon and the beautiful green leaves gave the corsage a simple elegance that I loved. It certainly got my mom’s approval because I saw her smiling at my date silently thinking, this boy knows how to pick a nice flower.

It was only natural that when I got home from the evening, toes dying, makeup fading and heart racing, that I would want to preserve my corsage. I’m a sentimental person to begin with so keeping the corsage wasn’t even a question.

I found an old thick book that sat somewhere far away on the top shelf, collecting dust and flipped to the center. I laid the corsage down carefully and tried to spread the petals so that I could close the book easily. This is an important step because you wouldn’t want to crush the petals or have them folded when you close the book. I carefully closed the book first, double checking that everything was laid out properly and then the second time round, I closed it for good. Now, it is normal that the book isn’t closing properly so what you have to go is stack more books on top of it. This is a great excuse to finally use those old textbooks you never look at or even a current one. The heavier the better. Keep it there for as long as possible and when it’s finally dry, you can even take it out carefully  with a tweezer and frame it! To be honest, my corsage is still sitting in the book somewhere which reminds me that I have to go look for it.

With prom season fast approaching and maybe already ending for some, remember to have fun and cherish the night.

Love you all.


Sindy Spencer

Oh man!! Eggspectations is by far my favourite brunch place in Montreal. I can safely say that Eggspectations exceeds expectations. How smart was that huh? Look at that alliteration though.

Anyways, there are several branches in Montreal, but today in particular I am talking about the location on 190 Sainte-Catherine West. I have been here a total of three, or maybe four times and I have an amazing meal every time. Sadly, I didn’t take a picture every time because, some times people judge me when I take a picture of my food. Do you know people who do that? I mean, why can’t I take a picture of my food, especially if it looks pretty.

I have had numerous special memories here from celebrating an important birthday to sending off a good friend before he leaves. There’s something about the atmosphere that is so friendly and open.

To start off, they have an amazing selection of the classic eggs benny. Not only do they offer the original benny, they also play it up with spinach, bacon and even lobster! Now, I myself have not yet tried the lobster benny but I have heard magical things about it. Just a warning though, you have to be willing to spend a little bit more for that.

Their potatoes are to die for and they seriously taste like nuggets of heaven on your plate, all golden and buttery…ready to get in my tummy. I’ve never really been a fan of eggs benny before but I have been changed. They’re just so good.

This is the spinach benny and I am really sad to announce I don’t remember the name of it. What I did like was the extra vegetables included in my meal but for the extra price I didn’t find it that much different compared to the original.

That is it for now , but I’m off to try out new things soon so check back in for more!!!


Sindy Spencer