Yogurt Popsicle

Summer is finally here and after months of hibernating and crying every time I step outside, I am so ready to embrace the warm weather. Seriously. Although, I have to be honest when I say that I kind of love winter, but after Christmas comes and goes, my tolerance for the bitter cold really goes down.

I realized a sad truth very recently. I am going to the beach in less than two months and I am sadly still in winter mode. All those midnight food runs were not good to me at all and I don’t think I can show myself in a bathing suit right now. So, when I was craving ice cream recently, I decided to look for a healthier alternative that would satisfy my cravings and be a little nicer to my waist.

I bought these super cool popsicle molds  from IKEA and ventured the internet for recipes I could use.

Guys, I am bringing you the yogurt popsicle today. I know this isn’t new information for a lot of people but…it doesn’t taste bad! The greek yogurt was even on sale yesterday, it was like the universe was happy for me. On the same note though, those pizza pockets were also on sale and even though I haven’t had one since the second grade, I was suddenly craving one. 

I miss being back at school eating fries for dinner everyday… those were the golden days. Hahah get it? “Golden days”…fries… are golden? Alright, moving along.

To make these delicious yogurt babies, I threw in a box of blueberries and a box of blackberries into the blender to make it smoother. Then, I threw in around two cups of greek yogurt into the berry mixture and honey to taste. Now, I purchased non-flavoured yogurt so I decided to add some sort of sweetner, however if you buy a flavoured one, usually I find those are pretty sweet already and you might not need to add anything else. It’s all up to you really, cook and taste. After mixing everything together, I poured everything into the IKEA moulds, and I have to say, for the amount I made, it filled up ALMOST two sets of moulds. I froze them over night and in the morning, ran the popsicle under hot water to remove it from the casing.

Look how pretty it is!!! My review is…that these do not taste as good as the real thing…obviously. If everyone could make these and have them taste just as good as Ben & Jerry’s, then the ice cream industry would be out of business. However, they do taste good. I think if I were to modify anything, I would have added more honey or maybe even a dash of vanilla extract. I’m really excited about trying out new recipes though!! More things to come! Try it out and tell me what you think!


Sindy Spencer

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