Suede is a material that just has a very…autumn feel to it, at least to me! It reminds me of September, the changing leaves and warm pie. It was mid-September of 2016 that I purchased my first suede skirt from Forever 21. I struggled over which colour to buy and ended up purchasing two, a hunter green and a dark caramel colour. I wore them with tights and without, but all while the weather stayed relatively cool.  I never considered wearing my suede skirt past the colder months, especially in the middle of summer…but here I am, blessing the HOT July air with its presence.


What I love about this skirt is how forgiving it is! I hate skirts that have a side zipper because god forbid I eat too much and the next thing I know I’m sitting in my chair feeling like the skirt is cutting into my stomach and I’m about to pull an Aunt Marge and float away. Forgive me, I’ve been re reading Harry Potter and that’s the only thing I could think of.

The buttons on this skirt are perfect because not only does it create a vertical illusion but it’s a lot easier to slip into! The suede material isn’t super flimsy so it’s easy to tuck a t-shirt into it without looking bulky! I hate it when skirts have a super thin material that shows every single line …shirt, underwear…everything. I also love wearing just a simple body suit with it which really places a lot of emphasis on the waist and it looks AMAZING!!!


I’ve been loving mixing fabrics and I love the look of the suede and cotton mix match!! This colour especially would look great with a tan something that I don’t have right now…

One initial worry that I had was that this might be too hot of a fabric to wear when it’s humid and gross outside but I was sooo wrong!! It actually felt super airy and incredibly lightweight which is great for the summer!

In this look, I just paired it with a super simple tee from forever 21 that was less than 5 dollars!! I got the shirt in a smaller size so that it was a little bit more cropped and easier to wear with a skirt!!!


Do you guys wear skirts often?? I’m always so picky with my skirts but definitely going to try branching out!!!







I get home, take off my shoes, go straight into my room and change out of my “outdoor clothes” RIGHT AWAY. I come out with a baggy t-shirt and shorts. I’m not even talking about lounge wear…I’m straight up wearing my PJs.

I used to think that this is what everyone does when they got home but I came to realise that some people stay in their normal clothes for hours after they get home…or even until bedtime!

That’s when I realised that we all have different living habits and daily habits we’ve sub consciously inherited from our parents unknowingly after living with them for such a long period of time. So, I’ve decided to share a few of mine with you guys!

Changing as soon as I get home. My parents have always changed right when they got home, especially my Dad who is a very very clean person and likes to keep work clothes clean and unwrinkled. I have friends who can stay in their jeans until they have to go to sleep but if it were me…I’d be peeling off those pants the minute I walk in the door.

I never put my backpack/bag on the bed. My Mom was always very strict about keeping bags off the bed. I used to come home and sling my backpack onto my bed and get yelled at because she would tell me that I’m putting all the dirt from outside onto my sheets and that I would have to sleep there later. I used to roll my eyes at her dumb rule but now even though I live away from home most of the time, I find myself always keeping bags off the bed. I once accidentally placed my purse on my bed and instantaneously felt grossed out by the fact that I would have to sleep there later…guess habits really grow on you.

No shoes in the house. I never really thought that anyone wore shoes in their homes until I got older and realized that it’s quite common for some households! My good friend Phil who’s originally from New York actually told me that it’s super common among some families to not take their shoes off and it blew my mind. It was like having something that you’ve believed to be a set rule for your whole life suddenly change. I really want to hear all your thought on this habit in particular because I am so curious!! I’m definitely not saying there’s a superior option here but I want to know! Did you guys have a no shoe policy at home? Did you know someone who didn’t?

Coffee. The addiction had to have originated from somewhere right? My family used to sit together and drink coffee together all the time and over time it just became a habit and a routine. When we all woke up, my Mom would brew up a massive pot of black coffee and she’d always claim that she couldn’t function without any coffee. Over time, that became my mantra too! ALTHOUGH GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, if you haven’t read my post on how I quit drinking coffee , be sure to go check it out! Old habits do die hard but it’s not impossible.

I rarely remember to use the dishwasher. Growing up, we didn’t really use the dishwasher a whole lot. It was always just quicker to throw the dishes in the sink and have everything be quickly washed, dried and put away. Now, while I do like to use the dishwasher…because I’m lazy and hate dishes, sometimes I find myself mindlessly handwashing all my dishes!

That’s it for today but please I want to hear your thoughts! Do you have have any habits or weird things you got from your parents that are different? I also really want to hear about the shoes policy so leave your thoughts below!

Sindy Spencer




I’ve always been a fan of colourful running shoes. I’m not as adventurous with everyday shoes but when it comes to exercise, I like to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. Usually, the idea of going to the gym… or exercise, in general,  is daunting enough so I like to convince myself that cute workout gear will make me feel better. In this case, it’s the shoes. I’m not as fun in regards to actual workout clothes mainly because I’m too lazy to go and buy cute shirts- usually a white tee or an old t-shirt will do. So, the shoes make up for my lack of creativity upstairs.


This might sound incredibly bizarre but when I have a pair of neon runners on, I feel like my feet can walk or run anywhere…no joke. It also helps that these shoes, in particular, are SO COMFORTABLE! I used to have a pair of neon pink Nikes that fit just like these Pumas, but those pink shoes have seen better days…I really over-wore those.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I have very picky feet. There are a very limited number of shoes out there that don’t give me blisters. Even comfortable running shoes can give me blisters if the back is too hard. The shoes that others can wear forever would probably give me blisters within the hour. This curse has left me very wary of shoes- which is probably why I’m never super eager to buy shoes…so why bother right. However, my my my these shoes are God’s gift to my feet. The soft shell really feels like I’m wearing nothing and the bottom has great cushioning for walking or running.


I’ve also been doing a lot of travelling this summer which involves A LOT of walking around so this has really been my go to outfit. These shoes just bring every outfit to life no matter what colour t-shirt I wear- I always know I have my colourful runners.

Summer is the perfect time to bring some colour into your wardrobe so why not put it into your footwear!!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these shoes anywhere online but I’ve linked some very very similar ones below!!!











I wear a lot of dark colours, especially during the colder months of the year but as soon as summer hits – I usually make a big switch over to lighter colours, mostly because I can’t stand feeling hot and wearing all black can do that to you under the July sun.

However, I can’t be wearing sundresses to work every day so I’ve had to tweak my summer wardrobe a little bit in order for it to be more work friendly. Unless it’s hitting the mid 30s or mid 90s for all my American friends- I’ll usually stick with wearing pants to work. However, I found that wearing my black dress pants don’t really work when it’s humid and sticky outside.


I got these pants from Aritzia a few months ago and they’re under the Wilfred. These are called the allant pant which is described on the website as lightweight and made from a smooth crepe material from Japan. Originally, these pants actually have a white band around the waist but sadly, through travelling, I must have pulled it out by accident and lost it. BUT – not to worry, I’m getting a replacement ribbon next week and will have a new look coming with it! But hey, you get two in one- pants without the ribbon and pants without. Just trying to be optimistic here.


I have been in love with these pants!! They’re very nicely tailored and just as advertised, is very lightweight and is perfect for a summer office look. The material doesn’t stick to your skin and is very breathable. These pants are so easy to wear it’s like a dream – done are the days where I have to wiggle into my pants!

I paired it with a very simple white top that creates a very…calming outfit to look at. It’s a very put together, clean look that ties in all the right neutrals together.


The shoes that I chose have a little more design to them with the ankle bands that go up the ankles, which I think adds a very nice touch to an outfit that’s edging on the plain side- BUT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! By the way, these shoes are my saving grace and I’m working on a post dedicated to them very soon because they’ve saved my feet from disaster.

The shoes are still very neutral but a little lighter than the colour of the pants so it doesn’t make the bottom too heavy looking, I think lighter shoes kind of lifts the outfit up a little bit!

What about you guys? Do you prefer neutrals for the office during the summer or do you stick to darker colours?





Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 2.01.32 AM

Allant Pants



I am the type of person that hates change. It takes me a little longer to really warm up to people so the thought of meeting a whole new group is terrifying. However, over the years I’ve mastered the art of faking it. It has taken me years to figure out how to channel my inner extrovert and break out of my quiet tendencies.

So, when I realized that I would be interning overseas this summer…I was hit with my first wave of anxiousness. Then the second wave came right before my first day when I started worrying about how I would interact with my new coworkers. Would they like me, would they be mean? What would I be asked to do exactly? Would I know what to do? What if I messed up?

The thing is, when I get nervous, you might never be able to tell. It’s more of an internal dialogue for me while I talk myself down and give myself a pep talk. GET IT TOGETHER SINDY.

So, I want to give you all some of my tips on how to survive your internship- told from the view of someone who walked in half a nervous wreck but hey, look at me now! I’ve survived!



  1. Try to remember names. It gets overwhelming when you’re first meeting people and names can easily slip. You’re going to meet a lot of new people all at once and while it’s hard to remember all of them, make an effort to try! I know sometimes I find myself focusing on trying to remember one name and then I end up forgetting all the others- or I try to remember all of their names and I end up not remembering anyone’s…oh the struggle. However, it shows people that you remember them and leaves a good impression!  It’s also great if you have questions later to be able to address someone by their name.
  2. Bring pen and paper. You’re going to need to take notes at some point and plus it looks a lot better to be prepared. Better safe than sorry. My first day, I went straight into a department meeting I forgot to bring my notebook and pen with me inside- and a very nice co-worker of mine told me that next time I should always carry it with me. Also, remember to write down important information like your email password, login information, your phone extension number, which department you’re in, your office room number, your bosses name, the extension numbers of other departments …all these little things you might not think to remember right away actually is very important.
  3. Dress the part. It’s better to be over-dressed and look very unprofessional than under-dressed. Some offices aren’t very strict on the office dress code and you could easily go to work in clothes that would be considered very business casual. However, without knowing exactly what the underlying dress code is, you should always aim higher, especially on your first day.
  4. Don’t be scared to ask questions. It might seem nerve-wracking to go up to your boss and ask all your questions, but don’t be nervous!! Your boss is probably hoping that you’ll ask questions because this is a learning experience for you and they want you to be able to learn! Also, if you don’t ask questions, there’s a greater chance that you might make a mistake- which is a lot worse than just asking in the first place.
  5. Make friends. For me, it’s easy to reject other people’s invitations to go to lunch or hang out, especially when I don’t know them very well. I was asked to get lunch by two other co-workers during my first week. However, I found out that they were bringing friends from other departments and that got me rethinking my decision. I was so tired of meeting new people and just when I got comfortable with my co-workers- there I was, meeting MORE new people.  I could easily be by myself and sit through my three-month internship alone in my cubicle every day- but that wouldn’t be ideal. Turns out it was such a great decision and I met some great people! Here I am two months later and they’re like friends I’ve known for ages!
  6. Be efficient. Show that you’re eager to work because that’s what you’re there for! If you’re given something to do, don’t take your sweet time and do it! Also, remember to always double check your work before you submit anything because making reckless mistakes also shows that you’re not detail-oriented and not professional enough to double check your work! So keep that in mind!
  7.  Have a good time. This one might be the most important one but try to have a good fun! You might not have the opportunity to be an intern again once you really enter the working world – and interning is really for you to explore the different types of jobs out there to see if a field is really for you! So get out there and explore!


Until next time!!!


Sindy Spencer