Drew Sirtors once said, “watches are so named as a reminder – if you don’t watch carefully what you do with your time it will slip away from you”. My mom has always told me that having a watch is important because you should always know what time it is. I never really thought much of watches because why have a watch to tell time when I have my phone (duh). However, it took me years to finally realize that a watch is not only useful but, a great jewelry piece.

I’ve owned one watch my whole life and prior to this year, I had never really thought about getting another one. Sadly, my watch broke recently and I had to send it back to their factory to get it fixed and I was left WATCHLESS. This was the same time that JORD reached out to me regarding a partnership and the timing could not have been better.

What I love about JORD watches is that it is unique. That’s really the key word here. Everyone around me has the same Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs gold watch. Now, I’m not hating because I myself am one of those people. However, I can guarantee you that I don’t know anyone else who has a handcrafted wood watch. They have such a wide range of watches to choose from and there’s really something for everyone’s taste! There are watches with slightly larger faces and watches (like the one I chose) with a smaller face. There are other types of wood, some lighter and some darker. I chose a watch from the Frankie 35 series in zebrawood and navy. I thought there was something so special about having that subtle pop of color in the face of the watch and the Navy really looks so beautiful against the wood. Navy is also one of my favorite colors and I swear half my wardrobe is navy so I knew it would go well with my outfits.

To start off, the box that the watch came in is almost as beautiful as the watch. I currently have it has a decoration piece in my living room (oops). Secondly, the watch looks amazing on. I was slightly skeptical about whether I’d look good in a wooden watch but it seriously looks great! I got so many compliments from people saying how great the blue looked and they were so surprised by the fact that the watch was made from wood!

I think the darker tones of this watch is especially perfect for the colder months because I don’t know about you guys but whenever the temperature starts dropping, so does the color in my wardrobe. I stick mainly to blacks, blues and greys during winter.

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I put together this super simple fall-friendly outfit that’s great for the days when it’s not too cold out! You guys have seen me talking about this skirt forever but you can’t go wrong with suede this time of year! I paired it with a NAVY sweater that perfectly coordinated with my watch. The watch really ties the whole look together especially under the right light, you can see how much the blue really shines through.

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With the holiday season coming up, I know I always struggle to figure out what to get for family and friends (or even for myself…because let’s be honest, TREAT YO SELF). I’m so happy to be providing you guys with an instant 25% off coupon code if you want to purchase one! I know I’m going to be buying one for my mom because once she spotted my Jord, she almost took it from me! I’m thankful that we don’t have the same wrist size because I would have never seen it again!

Link to coupon code: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/sindyspencer

My watch: https://www.woodwatches.com/series/frankie-35/zebrawood-and-navy#sindyspencer

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Forever 21 Suede Skirt  /  Navy Sweater

Wooden Wristwatch


Happy Fall! I’ve found that the weather has been really odd this year – it has been unusually warm for this time of year. Anyone else feel the same way? When I got back to school in September, it was FREEZING for the first week and then all of the sudden it was like summer decided to come up for one last hurrah and to this day I still can’t believe the amazing weather we had in Montreal.

Anyways, I want to talk about pants…because I hate them. I get so tired of always wearing the same black jeans and I would rather wear a dress or a skirt. It’s just hard to be creative when winter starts rolling around and I’m not trying to look cute in freezing weather so…in those cases skinny black jeans are my best friend. BUT while the weather is still kind to us, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone.


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These checked pants are actually very old. I found them when I went home for Thanksgiving and shopped my mom’s closet. I’m almost 100% sure she got these pants in the early 2000s but it amazes me that it’s so in style now. I see these pants everywhere and I can easily find almost the exact same pants in stores like Zara. Isn’t it funny that fashion trends come and go?

I fell in love with the pattern and style of the pants and they’re honestly perfect for fall! The material is heavy enough to keep your legs warm but it’s not too hot either. I paired these pants with a body suit from forever21 because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s tucking a shirt into pants or a skirt and having that little bulge of fabric around the stomach. Body suits are just EASY and they guarantee a bulge-free outfit.


I feel like mules would have looked amazing with this outfit but I couldn’t find my white Geox mules that I literally wore every single day this summer so I opted for these leather shoes from esso which I’ve had for such a long time but it was one of those shoes you have forever but never wear. I don’t even know why I don’t wear them because they’re so comfortable and stylish! I have picky feet and I’ve never gotten blisters wearing these! It’s almost like not wearing shoes.

This outfit is so simple to put together and the pants are the star show so you could really throw on any top! A white top could work, even grey or brown would be super cute! When you have one statement piece in the outfit, the rest kind of comes naturally!

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Have you guys been participating in this checkered pants trend this fall?? These pants make me feel so put together but all I really did was put on a pair of pants! I’ve linked similar, if not the exact same pants below so definitely check them out if you guys are interested in getting a pair!! I’m also going to link other similar items for other parts of my outfit as well!!

Shoes  /  Bodysuit / Zara Checked Culottes / Zara Checked Trousers / Zara Straight Leg Trousers




Long time no blog!!! Before school started I was so optimistic about being able to balance my school life, social life and blogging…but alas that was just wishful thinking and blogging just sadly went to the back burner.

I know NYFW was a few weeks ago but I never got to do my roundup and share my experience with you guys!! Even though I only got to see one show, I still want to show you guys because it was AMAZING!

Day 1: 

I have a funny story about my Day 1 outfit. I was supposed to see the Vaishali S show at 3pm that day and prior to the show, I had plans to do some sightseeing with my dad (who was in New York on a business trip). Obviously, sightseeing included a lot of walking and potentially a lot of crowds so I had put on a rather simple outfit with very comfortable shoes to walk around that morning. I packed my other outfit and shoes in my bag so that I could head straight to the venue and change into my planned outfit (OR SO I THOUGHT). When I went to change, I realized in a slight panic that I had only brought my shoes with me and I had left my outfit at the hotel. I had to make the outfit work on the spot because it was 15 minutes until the show and I didn’t have time go to back to the hotel. So, that is why I ended up with this outfit…which now looking back at it, I really love. It’s not super extravagant but it still looks chic.

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The best part about this outfit is that it is super budget friendly! These pants are from Zara and they’re my new favourite bottoms because they’re soooo comfortable and you can really dress them either up or down. They come is a few different colours and honestly, I wanted to buy them all but I decided to go for black because it’s just so versatile.  I love that they’re high waisted because I think high waisted pants look super flattering with my body shape. I paired it with a Forever21 cropped cami that was literally $9 dollars but it was such a pop of colour and really contrasted with the edge that the black bottoms brought. Also, I forgot to mention that the sunglasses I’m wearing were $5 from a street vendor in SOHO! SUCH A STEAL!

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Long story short, even though the outfit wasn’t my first choice, I still made it work and this entire look was under $100 which is such a steal!

Okay, enough blabbing about my outfit…lets talk about the show!


So…I’ve never been to a fashion show before and I felt like a girl in a candy store because the whole environment was just so amazingly overwhelming. Everyone there was dressed up, there were what seemed like millions of cameras at the end of the runway and the moment the lights turned on and the music started, I honestly felt like I was living young Sindy’s dream.

The Vaishali S line was absolutely stunning and I was amazed by the details she put into her pieces. The material she used for her pieces were very flowy and lightweight. All her looks were soft and elegant and every model that walked down the runway seemed to glide down it. I took so many pictures while I was there but shortly after realized that my pictures can’t compete with the professional photographers at the end of the runway so I’ve shared a few of my favourite looks with you guys courtesy of Fashionweekonline.com.


Vaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First StageVaishali S SS2018 - Runway - New York Fashion Week: First Stage

Head to the article linked above to see more looks!!! Which dress is your favourite??

I’ll be posting Day 2 tomorrow so stay tuned!



Sindy Spencer


Hi loves!! I thought I’d start off with a little life update first because I’ve been so incredibly busy these past two weeks – with travelling back home and getting ready to head back to school! However, today I wanted to update you guys on how my summer has been WITHOUT coffee!

If you haven’t read my first post on how I stopped drinking coffee in the first place, take some time to read that first!! I talk about my coffee journey, how dependent I was on having coffee every single day and eventually the switch I made to stop drinking coffee.

Although I haven’t had coffee in two months, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t had any caffeine- that would be a lot more difficult. That would be considered a true detox!! If anyone has ever made the switch to no caffeine at all, please let me know how it went! I’ve been drinking green tea every single day in the morning after breakfast (don’t drink tea on an empty stomach, you will feel very very sick) and it gives me enough of a kick to start my day. I’ll occasionally have some tea in the afternoon as well if I feel like I need a little pick me up.

I’ve been drinking green tea every single day in the morning after breakfast (don’t drink tea on an empty stomach, you will feel very very sick) and it gives me enough of a kick to start my day. I’ll occasionally have some tea in the afternoon as well if I feel like I need a little pick me up.

I have to be honest though, it doesn’t matter if it’s coffee or tea – I still occasionally get a little headache if I don’t have tea at all in the morning. It’s situational so I can’t say for sure that I get a headache everytime I don’t have tea but it has happened for sure. Let me tell you guys though, for everyone that has suffered from the AWFUL no coffee headache, this headache is ten times milder and definitely tolerable.

With school starting soon, I’ve been asking myself whether I’ll eventually give in and have a cup of coffee. The honest answer is…probably yes BUT in very small doses. I can’t be having multiple cups a day, then all this hard work would have been for nothing!! I’ll stick strictly to tea until midterms hit and my body can no longer stay away from coffee.

A final thought on this whole thing is that having either coffee or tea especially in the morning is perhaps more routine than a need per say. I can’t say whether this is true or wrong but to be sometimes, it’s pure habit to have a cup of something when I first wake up.

Thanks for reading everyone!!! When school gets rolling again, I’ll update you all on whether I caved or not (fingers crossed I don’t).



ps. I walked into a Starbucks the other day and the smell of coffee made me so nostalgic – I swear just smelling coffee made me more alert and awake


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Guys I’m finally writing a post about these striped culottes from Zara that I’ve been obsessed with! I went to Zara after my last final exam in May to shop because I was SO HAPPY and I went in with my $$$ dollas $$$ for the sole purpose of spending all of it…. I know bad … but also I deserved it.

I don’t know about you guys but the line up at the Zara I usually go to is always so long!!! You have to be insanely dedicated to stand there and wait to try your pieces on.

I usually don’t mind the wait except I usually have too many things and my arms end up feeling extra sore and when I get home I feel like I’ve had a serious workout. Who ever said shopping isn’t considered exercise?

That day I was actually in a rush but none the less your girl wanted to SHOP! So I did something I usually never do at Zara… I bought something without trying it on. This might sound bizarre to some of you but I find that my body type doesn’t fit everything right at Zara and I seriously can’t eye a piece and buy it- trust me I’ve tried things on that look like they’d fit me fine but sometimes they look so awful on me!

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I saw these pants from the corner of my eye as I was about to walk to check out. I had been looking for a pair of culottes for a while but usually, my big bum doesn’t look right in most culottes that are too tight around the derriere area. I noticed that these were perfect because it looked super roomy and it had a tie around belt around the waist so I knew that I could control how tight it was on me.

I opted for a size bigger just in case and my god am I happy that I bought them because these have really been a summer staple for me!! These bottoms are insanely versatile depending on how you style it! Switch things up and you can wear these to work, brunch or a casual day out!

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Zara has these in a few different colours but I went for the blue and white stripes because obviously, I don’t have enough blue and white stripes and I need MORE…. the heart wants what it wants, what can I say?!

These culottes are super lightweight and has an incredibly breathable material that’s perfect for the summer! There’s a lining inside that provides a super cooling effect… I’m not sure if that’s its job but at least that’s what it did for me.  Also you guys… it has pockets! Which is really a godsend and they’re also massive pockets which I love!

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The belt is probably my favourite part other than the waist! You can tie it looser or tighter depending on how much you eat that day… 😉 Some days I feel incredibly bloated and you bet that I’m tieing that belt super loose that day.

It’s very flattering because of the high waist and it looks great with either a tight top, body suit or a cropped top!!! I just love the wide legs because I don’t feel constrained in my pants- something that irritates me way too much during the summer.

This top I also grabbed from the forever21 sale rack for four dollars! Such a steal and it’s so cute too!! It’s great because it’s cropped at just the right place and matches SO well with these bottoms!

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Have you guys been into culottes recently??!!



Zara Culottes  |   F21 Red Twist Front Tee  |  F21 Long Sleeve Cropped Tee