Rare sighting of an almost empty floor 

I have tried numerous times this semester to study in my room. My curtains are opened, my desk space cleared and I have a steaming cup of hot coffee sitting next to the pile of notes I have to go through. It seems like the perfect place to study, because what better place is there than your own room? No one is there and there aren’t other people to distract you. WRONG.

Imagine one of those movie scenes where you have a girl walking down the street with a light airy pop song in the background. The sun is shining, her hair is swinging back and forth and she’s got that super swag  walk going on. All of the sudden, the girl falls and the music stops. The illusion is ruined.

That is me with studying in my room. I have this perfect image of myself happily studying in my room, listening to A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and smiling like one of those Shutter Stock photos. Very unrealistic. In reality, when the music stops, I’m actually in my pyjamas watching Netflix with my large pile of notes sitting on my bed. My coffee cup is empty but somehow I am still tired and my bed is calling out to me to take a small nap. The next thing I know, I am in bed taking a four hour nap and I wake up at 5pm in the afternoon- a whole day wasted. This has happened on numerous occasions and each time I end the day with immense guilt and anxiety.

However, I have discovered the perfect cure. Here it is, are you ready? Go to the library! For me, I like this one library at school that has a group study floor where there are large tables and you can go study but it’s not overly dead silent. I realized that I like studying with other people, but it has to be a specific type of person. I don’t necessarily mean that we have to be studying for the same subject, in fact most of the time I prefer to not  be studying the same subject as my study buddy. Do you ever find that if you study with someone for the same exam and if you’re not reviewing the same chapter at the same time, it gets very distracting? Maybe it’s just me, but if I’m reviewing for something, I prefer to just be alone. I like to study with someone who also wants to focus but I can take small study breaks with in between whether it’s people watching or sharing a funny video.

Another thing surprisingly helps me study is the constant reminder in the back of my mind that other people are watching me study. I mean that in the least self-centred way as possible. Just the knowledge that other people can see me study motivates me to really focus. Plus, the fact that other people are studying pressures me into studying as well. I feel like I’m more accountable for my actions and even if I’m not studying at that moment, I should pretend like I’m studying. It’s a very weird concept but it’s helped me so much this finals season. The only downside is that I spend the majority of my day at the library and I have seriously reconsidered permanently moving here. My address could be, Sindy Spencer, 5th floor, the library. I even have a story about the time I slept at the library, but that’s for another time! Comment below if you want to hear it though!

Anyways, I have been talking to a few people about this odd phenomenon but it seems to work for a lot of people and true for many others. I used to hate the trek to the library especially when it’s freezing outside, but I seem to be reconsidering all of my past beliefs. The library is the way to go.

Sindy Spencer


Your choice of size, dip and topping

Summer is around the corner, or in some cases, perhaps you’ve already been blessed with warm temperatures. With exam season in full swing and temperatures slowly rising, ice cream is really the perfect thing to eat.

La Diperie is an ice cream shop located on 68 Ave des Pins E in Montreal. They offer soft serve ice cream with a twist. You can choose to have your regular vanilla ice cream dipped in everything from mint to lemonade. On top of that, you can add your choice of toppings like pretzels or crushed Oreos. The options are endless and you have a lot of freedom as to what you choose to garnish your ice cream with. The only thing you have no control over is the ice cream itself. Unfortunately you only have the option of vanilla ice cream.

The little shop is small but  very busy. The outside if characterized by its distinct blue colour that is the perfect place for a picture after getting your ice cream. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, the wait was around 10 minutes. Despite the long line, the shop works very quickly and for indecisive people like me, the wait was the perfect time to figure out what I wanted on my ice cream.

I opted for a petit size which I would say is about the size of a regular ice cream cone. I would suggest getting the mini if you’re trying a new flavour you aren’t sure about or if you’re not felling up to eating a whole ice cream cone that day. Other wise, the petit is the perfect size and relatively more price friendly when you compare it to the medium or large.


Where the magic happens

I ordered a petit cone, with mint chocolate dip and crush Oreos on top. Keep in mind that for every size, the prices of dips or toppings vary. For the petit, the dip was an extra dollar and toppings were another 50 cents. Therefore, on top of the $3 for the ice cream, the extras added up to another $1.5.




Left (La Rocher Mini) , (Middle (Mint Oreo Petit) , Right (La Rocher Petit)

There really isn’t any room inside the ice cream shop to stay and eat. The area outside can get pretty crowded so the only option we had was to stand in a small circle and eat. My two friends, Nima and Isabelle both got a pre made ice cream option. If my French has not failed me, I believe it’s a praline dip with roasted hazelnuts around it. I guess another thing to know is that everything is in French so be prepared to know a little bit of French or drag a friend.

The only complaint I have is that the amount of topping you get on your ice cream varies. I do wish I had a little bit more crushed Oreos on mine, not that I’m complaining because it tasted amazing. Next time I go back, I would probably get a mini so that I could try more flavours and experiment with the toppings a little bit. I chose the safe route, but who knows, maybe a lavender dip and pistachios would taste good!

Sindy Spencer


From left to right: Rum raisin, Smoky rose, Black cherry 
So today I want to talk about the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. At my local drugstore, they retail for around $9 but one day, I was in there and I noticed they were on sale for $3!!  How could I resist? I guess I should start off by saying that I am in no way a lipstick fanatic nor do I wear it on a daily basis. In fact up  until now, I never wore lipstick except for special occasions and even then I still didn’t wear them all that often. I’m not sure if I just didn’t want the hassle of wearing lipstick or if I thought they all made me look older than I should be. Anyways, the point of this story is that I only owned one lipstick and it was this bright red one from Makeup Forever that I occasionally “dab” on my lips.  I usually go for a more dramatic eye look on a daily basis so a dramatic lip just wasn’t in my cards.
FullSizeRender 22

From left to right: Rum raisin, Smoky rose, Black cherry 
The first shade I picked up was Rum raisin, which is the one on the very left of the picture above. I love this colour. It is this medium rosy, berry plum colour that is so pigmented and applies like a dream. These lipsticks live up to their name of being “super lustrous” because not only do they glide on like butter but it actually keeps my lips hydrated. I can’t say enough good things about rum raisin. This colour darkens my lips by just the right amount that keeps me looking put together but not over powering. I think this one is great colour for all occasions! In terms of staying power it really isn’t that great and I think it might be because of how hydrating it is but I could be wrong. However, I really don’t mind reapplying this because it’s so easy to apply.
After falling in love with rum raisin, I quickly went back to the drugstore and picked up two more lipsticks while the sale was still going on. I picked up smoky rose and black cherry.
Smoky rose(middle) is really just like the name. It is a dusty rose rose colour and in my opinion it’s not as pigmented as the rum raisin or the black cherry. It’s a tad bit more sheer in colour which is great because it gives the lips just a little bit of colour without looking like you’re wearing any lipstick. However, if you’re looking for an actual pigmented lipstick I wouldn’t recommend this because it does do as much as the rum raisin or black cherry.
Black cherry (right) looks like a dark wine colour. In the picture, it almost looks purple but at least on my lips it looks more like a dark dark plum colour with maybe a little bit of a purple undertone. I find that with black cherry, I have to apply a few layers before I’m happy with the way it looks on my lips. One layer looks a little odd but once I build up the colour it looks great. Again, these lipsticks do wear off quickly so I would be cautious with darker colours if you want it to say on all night. I would suggest either a lipliner underneath, blotting then reapplying or applying some powder. This is a great dark lipstick shade that I love but it is hard to keep on.
Sindy Spencer

A while back, my friend Noemi and I went to brunch at Cacao70 in Montreal at the Park Avenue location. It was kind of a gloomy day and as per usual, it was freezing cold. What else is new in Montreal? The menu had savoury and sweet items for brunch but for some reason, I am never down for a sweet brunch. I am always craving savoury. It’s almost like I feel like I would be missing out on life if I ordered something sweet. I opted for an open faced breakfast chicken sandwich (wow what a mouthful) and my friend ordered a hang-over omelette. I have to give them credits for the funny brunch names. While we waited for our food, the waitress came by with some chocolate fondue and freshly cut fruits. Granted, I read the menu again later and realized it was included in what I ordered but for a second there I felt so special. Let me tell you, they served up some really nice chocolate fondue.



Let’s talk about the star of the show now. My chicken sandwich!!!! By that point I was starting to get really hungry having saved my stomach for a big brunch. The fondue and water just didn’t cut it. So, when she put my plate down it was like looking at true love for the first time. Who needs a boyfriend when I’ve got brunch? Am I right? Bless, get in my stomach now please. First of all, the chicken was seasoned so nicely and it was very tender. I got a little bit of everything when I took my first bite and OH-MY-GOD (Friends reference, anyone?) it was delicious. Also, I can’t not talk about those potatoes. To be honest I love all potatoes. Give it to me fried, mashed, baked, thick, thin…whatever I’ll eat it. But those potatoes were seasoned with some sort of magic powder that made me want to do a yummy food dance. Also can we just acknowledge how cute the little condiment stand is? I know, it’s not super important but I’m a sucker for the little things.
What are some of your favourite brunch places? I’ve really discovered brunch this year and it’s getting to be a bit of a problem. More brunch posts to come, I promise.
Sindy Spencer