Cacao 70

A while back, my friend Noemi and I went to brunch at Cacao70 in Montreal at the Park Avenue location. It was kind of a gloomy day and as per usual, it was freezing cold. What else is new in Montreal? The menu had savoury and sweet items for brunch but for some reason, I am never down for a sweet brunch. I am always craving savoury. It’s almost like I feel like I would be missing out on life if I ordered something sweet. I opted for an open faced breakfast chicken sandwich (wow what a mouthful) and my friend ordered a hang-over omelette. I have to give them credits for the funny brunch names. While we waited for our food, the waitress came by with some chocolate fondue and freshly cut fruits. Granted, I read the menu again later and realized it was included in what I ordered but for a second there I felt so special. Let me tell you, they served up some really nice chocolate fondue.



Let’s talk about the star of the show now. My chicken sandwich!!!! By that point I was starting to get really hungry having saved my stomach for a big brunch. The fondue and water just didn’t cut it. So, when she put my plate down it was like looking at true love for the first time. Who needs a boyfriend when I’ve got brunch? Am I right? Bless, get in my stomach now please. First of all, the chicken was seasoned so nicely and it was very tender. I got a little bit of everything when I took my first bite and OH-MY-GOD (Friends reference, anyone?) it was delicious. Also, I can’t not talk about those potatoes. To be honest I love all potatoes. Give it to me fried, mashed, baked, thick, thin…whatever I’ll eat it. But those potatoes were seasoned with some sort of magic powder that made me want to do a yummy food dance. Also can we just acknowledge how cute the little condiment stand is? I know, it’s not super important but I’m a sucker for the little things.
What are some of your favourite brunch places? I’ve really discovered brunch this year and it’s getting to be a bit of a problem. More brunch posts to come, I promise.
Sindy Spencer

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