Red Hot Spicy

I used to own a hot pink softshell jacket that I wore non-stop. My mom considers that one of her best purchases for me because I definitely made the most out of that poor jacket. It really didn’t matter the weather, I would wear it everywhere.  I’ll tell you a secret though, I still have that jacket and I do occasionally STILL wear it.

The whole point of that story is to say that I haven’t worn anything even remotely as vibrant as that pink jacket in a really long time. My jackets range from a dark blue to black- sometimes wandering into the grays but that’s really about it. I didn’t think that I liked super bright colours and to be honest, I don’t really need my jacket to stand out that much- what If I was being chased down the street, why would I want to be so easily spotted?! All jokes aside, I really do like wearing neutral palate colours and I rarely stray away from the basics.

On my recent trip, I forgot to pack a jacket, to my dismay and shock because I am usually very well prepared for trips. I really didn’t expect the weather to be rainy or as cold as it was. I felt like I was left stranded and freezing my butt off. The one sweater I packed was a little baggy, looked slouchy and I wasn’t really a fan of what it was doing for me. I low key looked like a light grey garbage bag…just saying…to give you all a visual.

However, my mom did pack this lovely bright red jacket that she claims to be the best jacket ever. I swear if she could be a salesman for any brand, it would be for Arcteryx! She raves about it and I have to say she has a good reason to love it! They make incredible stuff! It’s incredibly lightweight with an adjustable hood and not only is it waterproof and wind resistant,  but it keeps you warm as well. What I love about this jacket is the shape of it.




It perfectly hugs the back of the waist with its silhouette shape. The jacket isn’t super short which is something I love and covers the derriere quite nicely- I used this to my advantage when I wanted to sit down but the seat was slightly wet from the rain. No fear, I’ve got my jacket.

This red isn’t incredibly overpowering and it really is a very vibrant but fresh looking colour that is very welcoming to look at. Sure it stands out but certainly not in a bad way. The jacket isn’t tacky and if paired with the right colours, it can look amazing. I mean if you chose to pair this jacket with say a pair of neon pink leggings then you could have some colour clashing problems… but even with just plain black jeans and a solid colour shirt- like black – you’ll be fine.

So, here’s to experimenting with more colours!! Any suggestions as to what I should be trying next?


Sindy Spencer


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