Pucker Up: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick


From left to right: Rum raisin, Smoky rose, Black cherry 
So today I want to talk about the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. At my local drugstore, they retail for around $9 but one day, I was in there and I noticed they were on sale for $3!!  How could I resist? I guess I should start off by saying that I am in no way a lipstick fanatic nor do I wear it on a daily basis. In fact up  until now, I never wore lipstick except for special occasions and even then I still didn’t wear them all that often. I’m not sure if I just didn’t want the hassle of wearing lipstick or if I thought they all made me look older than I should be. Anyways, the point of this story is that I only owned one lipstick and it was this bright red one from Makeup Forever that I occasionally “dab” on my lips.  I usually go for a more dramatic eye look on a daily basis so a dramatic lip just wasn’t in my cards.
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From left to right: Rum raisin, Smoky rose, Black cherry 
The first shade I picked up was Rum raisin, which is the one on the very left of the picture above. I love this colour. It is this medium rosy, berry plum colour that is so pigmented and applies like a dream. These lipsticks live up to their name of being “super lustrous” because not only do they glide on like butter but it actually keeps my lips hydrated. I can’t say enough good things about rum raisin. This colour darkens my lips by just the right amount that keeps me looking put together but not over powering. I think this one is great colour for all occasions! In terms of staying power it really isn’t that great and I think it might be because of how hydrating it is but I could be wrong. However, I really don’t mind reapplying this because it’s so easy to apply.
After falling in love with rum raisin, I quickly went back to the drugstore and picked up two more lipsticks while the sale was still going on. I picked up smoky rose and black cherry.
Smoky rose(middle) is really just like the name. It is a dusty rose rose colour and in my opinion it’s not as pigmented as the rum raisin or the black cherry. It’s a tad bit more sheer in colour which is great because it gives the lips just a little bit of colour without looking like you’re wearing any lipstick. However, if you’re looking for an actual pigmented lipstick I wouldn’t recommend this because it does do as much as the rum raisin or black cherry.
Black cherry (right) looks like a dark wine colour. In the picture, it almost looks purple but at least on my lips it looks more like a dark dark plum colour with maybe a little bit of a purple undertone. I find that with black cherry, I have to apply a few layers before I’m happy with the way it looks on my lips. One layer looks a little odd but once I build up the colour it looks great. Again, these lipsticks do wear off quickly so I would be cautious with darker colours if you want it to say on all night. I would suggest either a lipliner underneath, blotting then reapplying or applying some powder. This is a great dark lipstick shade that I love but it is hard to keep on.
Sindy Spencer

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