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Do you ever realize that walking into Sephora is actually very, very dangerous? Hold on to your wallets ladies because you might be walking out bankrupt or feeling a little robbed. Funny story, my friend Isabelle and I went to Sephora the one day purely to check out the 100 point perks with zero intention of buying anything at all, not even a little. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t spend any money because we were planning on getting our nails done that afternoon and I couldn’t justify buying anything at Sephora.

But of course, we got pulled in by Sephora and ended up getting a small makeover to try out the NARS All Day Luminous Foundation which my friend was interested in trying out. I know this isn’t a review on the NARS foundation but it was actually amazing and it felt so nice on my skin. Also, the NARS concealer is amazing too…if only I had enough money to buy everything in Sephora. A girl can dream though right? Anyways, I had two very stubborn pimples that showed up on my face that morning and I was feeling very self conscious about it. Even when she was putting on my foundation, I couldn’t stop staring at them. I finally asked her if she had anything that would cover them up and she suggested the NARS concealer and this Kate Somerville spot treatment. She said she uses it herself and it dries up the pimple overnight and it’s a really great product.

To be completely honest, I felt bad for not buying anything after having a mini makeover to try out the products and I couldn’t justify buying a $60 foundation or an almost $40 concealer so I went with this product. Price wise, it is around $24 dollars, probably a little bit more expensive because I bought it in Montreal and with taxes and higher prices in general, I think mine’s came out to a total of a little more than $30. I know this is only a little bit cheaper than the concealer but I do tend to break out a lot and this is a product that could probably allow me to wear less foundation etc. This is me justifying spending $30 oops.

Sorry for rambling, now to the actual review. I wouldn’t say this is a miracle worker and I honestly don’t think there is a single product out there that can make your pimple disappear because then no one would have pimples at all. However, I can say that this does make my pimple smaller for sure!!! I’m not sure if this is TMI but I had one of those pimples that kind of stuck out and you can’t really cover it up. After putting this on my pimple that night, the next morning, my pimples were flat and a lot less red. I was pretty happy just with that because I just had a feeling that my pimple was going to be really stubborn so just the fact that I could easily cover it with foundation was pretty great. After the third day, I would say my pimple was basically gone.

Application wise, you have to be careful to let the bottle settle before placing your qtip inside it because there are different..layers of the product that apparently should mix together when you use it.There’s even a warning that says, do not shake on the cap in case you forget. In the bottle, the top half is clear and the bottom half is pink.


As you can see, it comes out this light pink colour and with this much product, I was able to cover all of my pimples. I also have to address the leopard print qtips…I swear this is all they had at my local drugstore. Just a little tip, you don’t have to dip your qtip to the very very bottom of the pink stuff because you will pick up a lot of product and if you don’t have a big area to apply it to, I feel like you’re just wasting the product. I made the mistake of dipping it to the bottom the first time and I came up with a giant big blob that I didn’t need.

When you first apply this, it does sting but it does go away very quickly and at least for me, it didn’t irritate my skin at all even though I feel like I have semi sensitive skin.This also comes with a small sample of the Kate Somerville moisturizer which is pretty nice and I’ve actually been enjoying it a lot!!

Overall, I would really suggest this spot treatment and with this product, a little goes a long way so it’ll last you for a while!

My skin care routine coming out soon!!!


Sindy Spencer



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