Organix Renewing Argan Oil



The best thing ever 

I have been using this product for a really, really long time. I bought this on a whim in the eighth grade when I purchased the matching shampoo and conditioner. To be honest, the only reason I bought any products in this line was because of the smell. OH.MY.GOD the smell!!!! For anyone who has seen Friends, I am totally saying that in my most annoying Janice voice.

I don’t know why but I wish I could bottle  up this smell and carry it around with me forever. Now, the downside to that eighth grade purchase was that the shampoo and conditioner really did not live up to expectations. In fact, they really sucked. If you guys want a review on that please let me know. However, I also used the product a while ago so there is a chance things could have changed. The upside is that I found my holy grail hair product.

Not only is it a lot cheaper than other products that do the same thing, it performs the same…if not better. I’m not saying I’ve tried a wide array of hair oils, because I really haven’t. I’ve only used the actual Moroccanoil and another hot oil from L’Oréal. The L’Oréal one sucked so much I don’t even remember the name and Moroccanoil is actually pretty amazing but the only downside is…the price. For 100ml, it costs around $18 CAD which is a little over double of what the Organix one costs. The only difference I’ve seen between the two products is the smell and the consistency.

This Organix oil is a little runnier than the Moroccanoil. If I’m going to try to describe the consistency, I would say that with the Organix, all I have to do is tilt the bottle and the liquid will come out relatively quickly. With Moroccanoil, especially if the bottle isn’t full, it takes a little longer to get the oil out.

Having used both, I think I can safely say that I don’t see a big difference performance wise. They both do the same thing in my opinion and if I had to purchase one in the long run, I definitely choose the cheaper version.

I usually apply this product after I take a shower and I’ve towel dried my hair. I take about two dime sizes and run it through my ends when my hair is still just a tad damp. I know on the packaging they tell you to use about a dime size or whatever, but come on I’ve got a lot of damaged ends and I need a little more than that. Plus my hair is really thick and sometimes you just gotta compromise.

What this does for my hair is pretty wonderful. It softens my hair and I’ve realized that even with my horrible ends, this oil makes it a lot less…grassy. It just keeps my hair healthy in-between haircuts and protects it despite all the damaging things I do to it. Basically, this hair oil allows me to treat my hair like crap and (kind of) get away with it. Having said that, a little does go a long way so don’t overdo it. Putting too much in can actually have a negative effect on your hair and make it feel a lot more heavier due to the extra grease. I find that it takes me quite a while to run out of this product. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t use it on a daily basis (mainly because I don’t wash my hair everyday) or because the product  just takes a long time to finish. However, it just means that for the $7 ish dollars you spend on it, you really get your use out of it!!

More favourite products coming soon! Be sure to follow my blog or instagram to get update!! Thanks for reading! What are your holy grail products?



Sindy Spencer


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  1. May 29, 2016 / 9:34 pm

    I’ve heard a lot about this product! Defo need to try this

    • May 31, 2016 / 8:44 pm

      You gotta try it!! It’s amazing 🙂

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