Florals? For Summer?

Florals? For Summer? Groundbreaking.

We all know that florals are the epitome of the perfect spring outfit…given the right weather of course. Luckily living in Canada is a different story especially when winter takes up half the year, then spring lasts for two days and the next thing you know it’s already summer and your entire closet is still full of sweaters, jackets, and scarves. It’s safe to say the florals don’t get a chance to shine during their designated time of spring

It’s safe to say the florals don’t get a chance to shine during their designated time so I make it my mission to make sure they have their 15 seconds of fame during the summer. My mom and I are both huge fans of  Lilly Pulitzer. I think her designs are the perfect mix of colors and flowers that work well together and don’t clash and look tacky.  I for one love a nice floral summer dress or any type of sundress. I think they’re so feminine and you can’t go wrong with them on a hot summer day when the thought of having to wear pants sounds like death, especially if you live somewhere where the summer is just pure humidity. Nooo thank you!

I picked up this Lilly Pulitzer dress last summer after trying on what felt like the whole store.

This dress is so incredibly light weight but the fabric is thick enough to hold its shape and it’s great quality fabric that can withstand the test of time. As well, the material is breathable which is perfect for the summer heat. The shape of the dress might be my favourite part other than the design. I don’t know about you ladies but winter is a very rough time. The tan fades and the fat builds. Come the time to put away the pants and bulky sweaters, I am faced with a major dilemma because what fit just right six months ago now makes me look like a potato. This dress is elegant, classy and hides all those…dare I say…bulging parts when you’re coming out of the winter season. It doesn’t hug any specific part of the body and gives you plenty of room to move around as well.  This dress gives you time to get out of your winter suit.

A design like this one really never gets old. It’s the bright colours and well-designed florals that make Lilly Pulitzer dresses timeless and easy to spot. It looks great with a tan or in my case…no tan. Regardless, take a chance on Lilly Pulitzer dresses if you haven’t already you’re guaranteed a one-stop summer favourite.



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