Corsage Preservation

Looking back at this time last year, I was working my butt off to look my best at prom. I had realized that not working out at all during the year had caught up and I had to get my lazy butt to the gym. 

Prom was a pretty great time, I’m not gonna lie. I spent months on Pinterest trying to find the perfect makeup and hair look so that I could show the stylists what I wanted. By the end of it all, I decided against getting anything done but my nails. I had a fear that anyone else doing my makeup would either mess it up or make me look like a rainbow cake. I’ve seen those Youtube videos of girls complaining about paying for a makeup artist to do their makeup but they ended up hating it. I did not want to be one of those girls. I had a certain routine for my makeup and I was pretty content with doing it myself. Worst comes to worse, I could wash it all off and do it again without wasting $50.

My wonderful date had nicely purchased my corsage for me and also his boutonniere. The boys had all gone to the same flower store and picked out their flowers. I was so excited. There’s a certain build up to that moment when he puts the corsage on your wrist and not only is it an intimate moment, but it’s also a very special moment. To me, that is the classic prom moment.

Now, I have to tell you that I had been googling corsages for some time now and I had seen pictures of girls and their corsages. It seemed like everyone had the same one with a circle of small white roses. I like to know what to expect and going into prom, that was what I had in mind. So, when he opened the box and I saw something other than the white roses, I was pleasantly surprised. Sitting in the box was a beautiful white orchid with a soft pink center. The sheer white ribbon and the beautiful green leaves gave the corsage a simple elegance that I loved. It certainly got my mom’s approval because I saw her smiling at my date silently thinking, this boy knows how to pick a nice flower.

It was only natural that when I got home from the evening, toes dying, makeup fading and heart racing, that I would want to preserve my corsage. I’m a sentimental person to begin with so keeping the corsage wasn’t even a question.

I found an old thick book that sat somewhere far away on the top shelf, collecting dust and flipped to the center. I laid the corsage down carefully and tried to spread the petals so that I could close the book easily. This is an important step because you wouldn’t want to crush the petals or have them folded when you close the book. I carefully closed the book first, double checking that everything was laid out properly and then the second time round, I closed it for good. Now, it is normal that the book isn’t closing properly so what you have to go is stack more books on top of it. This is a great excuse to finally use those old textbooks you never look at or even a current one. The heavier the better. Keep it there for as long as possible and when it’s finally dry, you can even take it out carefully  with a tweezer and frame it! To be honest, my corsage is still sitting in the book somewhere which reminds me that I have to go look for it.

With prom season fast approaching and maybe already ending for some, remember to have fun and cherish the night.

Love you all.


Sindy Spencer

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