I’ve been loving shirts with shoulder cutouts recently, or- as I’ve just learned, they’re also called “cold shoulder” tops. My only problem is that I look awful in any cold shoulder shirts that are too tight. I honestly feel lumpy. 

Laugh all you want but that is probably the perfect word to describe how I feel. However, I ventured into the sale section at Forever 21 a while ago and picked out this top on a whim. If I’m being honest, I only got this shirt because it was on sale. BUT- it was one of the best on the whim decisions I’ve ever made because I love it so much.




The thing that I like most about this shirt is how loose it is. I kind of feel like I’m not wearing a shirt because the fabric is so soft and loose. The sleeves also add to the movement of the shirt and the cutouts on the shoulders are so flattering!!

Can we also talk about the colour of the shirt?! It is such a pretty shade of pink that isn’t too warm toned or cool toned. I feel super tan in the shirt even though I’m not- so that’s always a bonus. I’ve said this too many times before but I really don’t own enough colour so once in a while I like to surprise the world and wear something other than black, grey and white (but mainly black).

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Here’s me a little caught off guard in between pictures but I wanted to show you guys how I paired this outfit!! I think any black pants would look super cute with this shirt – MAYBE a skirt if you pair it right but the problem with this shirt is that it really isn’t form fitting enough to go with something like a high waisted skirt and the material isn’t good for tucking in either. I went with a very simple route and just paired it with black jeans and black shoes. I want to do a whole post on my black booties because they are my saving grace I can’t even describe how much I love them. I’ve worn them so much that I’m considering letting them rest because they’ve gone through a lot haha.

That’s it from me today!! Happy Saturday!


Sindy Spencer



For all my How I Met Your Mother fans out there, you all know Barney Stinson’s famous line, “suit up”.

Today I wanted to talk to you all about, VESTS!!!! Let me tell you all a secret, I used to hate vests. I thought they were tacky and because of the unhealthy number of vests my grandfather owned, I associated them with …ahem…the older “crowd”.

Oh but I was wrong.

I can’t tell you how much I love this blue vest I got from J.Crew over Christmas break!!

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Can we just admire this colour for a second?! I am someone who sticks to very basic colours. My wardrobe consists of black, white, grey and more black. It is very rare that I ever wear anything this colourful. But since it is winter, the weather is way too depressing not to bring a little colour back into life.

What I love about this vest is how sturdy the quality is! It does not feel flimsy at all and the material is very high quality! The pockets on the side are perfect to put my phone in or a wallet if I’m on the go and I don’t want to bring a purse! When the weather isn’t too cold, this vest paired with a thick sweater underneath is enough and a jacket isn’t necessary at all!

I chose to pair this vest with a white sweater because I just love how the colours contrast each other!

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Although, I have to say a black or even grey sweater would be perfect as well!!! Also, I have to give credit to this vest for looking amazing in photos especially in the snow! It literally POPS!! So ladies please take this opportunity to, “vest up” and get some colour in your wardrobe if you’re like me and you only stick to neutrals!!

I’m now on a serious hunt to buy as many vests as I can! If anyone has suggestions please leave a comment!!



Sindy Spencer