Do you guys remember what I say about scarves? Always. Wear. One!!!!! Repeat after me and remember those words! You don’t want to be that one girl trying to sit through a lecture while sick and having to leave because you cannot stop coughing.

My mother has always told me that investing in one quality piece is so much better than using that money to purchase multiple low-quality pieces. Now, there are times when I want to disagree because the thought of spending so much money on one thing makes me cringe and I would much rather buy a full closet from Forever 21.

However, what I’ve noticed over the years is that as my style changes, my clothes rotate out of cycle and end up somewhere in a dusty box in the garage- but the classic investment pieces always stick around.

Okay, off topic but this Burberry scarf has been around in my family for ages. However, it still looks amazing no matter what. The pattern is so so classic and it gives any outfit such a put together look. What I love is the pop of red because winter can get very monotoned and a colour like red really stands out.

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This scarf is lightweight but still heavy enough to keep you warm during the winter time. You can carry it with you in your purse and not have it take up half the space. I don’t know about you guys but I have so many massive blanket scarves that I can’t carry around with me because they’re just way too big.

I think this particular pattern and colour goes well with anything and works with so many different skin tones. It really brightens the face and gives off a classy look.

While this is an investment piece for sure, I do think it’s important to buy investment pieces once in a blue moon. However, there are cashmere scarves everywhere and I think a simple cashmere scarf is a staple in your closet worth the splurge!!

Would you guys be interested in a scarf post? I have so many that I would love to share! And they don’t cost more than $20!





Happy Boxing Day!!!! (For all my Canadian loves).

I wanted to share what I wore today to go boxing day shopping! My family and I never go full out and wake up at the crack of dawn to shop and to be honest, most years we’re too tired from Christmas to go shopping anyways. We finally decided that today we would go experience boxing day and of course, the weather was absolute crap. There was an ice rain warning in the morning that made my mom paranoid. The sky was so dark and the temperature was warm but low key cold. Basically it was the type of weather where it was too warm to wear a winter coat but too cold to wear a light jacket only. All in all, a bad day to be outside.

I honestly think my outfit reflected how I felt about going outside.

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This was my mood about having my picture taken, even though I requested it. Home girl was really moody today haha.

I opted for a turtle neck sweater that you can’t quite see, but I didn’t have a scarf I wanted to wear so this was my other option for protecting my neck. SIDE NOTE: Protect. your. neck!!!!!!! I am so serious, wear a scarf or wear a turtle neck but never go outside with a bare neck during the winter time, it increases your chances of getting really sick! I’ve learned my lesson.

SIDE NOTE: Protect. your. neck!!!!!!! I am so serious, wear a scarf or wear a turtle neck but never go outside with a bare neck during the winter time, it increases your chances of getting really sick! I’ve learned my lesson.

Anyways, I went with a purple turtleneck (that I actually mentioned in my last blog post) and pulled on my Talula coat that I got from Aritzia probably 2 years ago! I tried to look for it on the website and I couldn’t find it, but this Babaton coat is literally the exact same if you want to get your hands on something similar!

What I love about this coat is the structure/shape of it because it’s not so tight and allows me to layer underneath! Also, the material is incredibly high quality and sturdy so it keeps me warm! I also think a simple black coat is such a staple in any wardrobe that goes with anything!

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As you can see, this coat has almost an A-line so it’s perfect for hiding that winter insulation…if you know what I mean. Also, you might not be able to see but it has a super cute hood which comes in handy when it gets chilly or you’re caught in the rain with no umbrella.

I subconsciously chose black pants and black boots to go with this outfit…what are the odds.  I wore my Ecco leather boots that have gone through all sorts of weather and are still in tact! Investment in some good boots is essential!

I am so tired but working on more blog posts!!!! Love you all!




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I am not one to wear a lot of colour and if I look closely, my wardrobe mainly consists of black, white, grey and navy blue…a lot of blue. What started off as wearing darker colours to appear slimmer has revamped my entire wardrobe and style. I often envy girls who wear  bright colours and I always tell myself that next time I go shopping, I should buy something colourful.However, every single time I’m at the store, it’s like the dark forces draw me to them and the next thing I know I’m holding ten things to try and non of them have colour.


This purple sweater is the perfect in between- a nice transition if you will from my neutral wardrobe into colour. It’s not bright enough that I feel overwhelmed but it’s something new!! I don’t own anything that’s purple and I’m baffled as to why that is because I am in love with this colour! I think it’s so beautiful with so many different skin tones and it’s perfect for the winter months to bring out some pop of colour when everything is dark and grey all the time.

I love the loose fit of this sweater as well. The main reason being that the holidays brings out my inner desire to eat everything and self control goes out the door. Home girl does not need a tight sweater to hold me down. That’s the magic of a baggy loose sweater- eat as much as you want and no one has to know. Pull on some leggings and you’re ready for a feast.

I usually don’t write a lot of fashion inspired posts but I think I may start doing these because I’ve really been discovering my personal style this year and I want to share it with you guys! Let me know if you have any suggestions and I hope everyone is having an amazing christmas eve!! (or happy holidays in general!)



Sindy Spencer